10 Curious Culture-Bound Syndromes

A person suffering from Amok suddenly withdraws from family and friends, then bursts into a murderous rage, attacking the people or objects around him with whatever weapon is available.

An 18-year-old wondering through life

On Succumbing to Fiction’s Dirty Word

Read about one man’s quest into the world of New York City lit.


Same Oppression, Different Name

“Though the Scarlet Letter has changed over the years, the victims are still the same.”

Described as "The Godfather of Hipsterdom," Canadian expat Gavin McInnes is a writer who cofounded Vice Magazine in ...

How A Comedy Writer Broke My Heart

Miranda always had a boyfriend, and she was prettier than me, and had an actual plan for her life. I wanted him because she liked him, and I knew that I could get him, and that she couldn’t.

Megan Lent is a writer and student based in Los Angeles. She has had work published at sites including VICE, Metazen, ...

5 Things To Consider When Moving To A New City

Stay confident in knowing that you made the right decision. Your wallet may be crying and your apartment may be sketchier than an undergraduate drawing class, but dammit your memoir is going to be wonderful one day.

Will write for food.
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