How To Be A Writer (Super-Advanced Edition)

If you’re not looking at the world and asking questions about it, then what are you doing?

Oliver is a vague personage, of no fixed residence -- sort of a wandering poet-warrior who makes his own rules, if ...

24 Rules For Being A Human Being In 2014

Give better goodbyes.

moiBrianna Wiest is a professional list-maker, unwarranted advice giver and admirer of all things beautiful, natural and ...

50 Predictable Pictures On Your Instagram Feed Right Now

I dare you to get on your Instagram right now and see how many of these are currently on your feed.

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‘Misheard Song Lyrics 2013′ Is Your Clueless Friend In Hilarious Video Form

Singing incorrect song lyrics is as timeless a phenomenon as any.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 2.55.58 PMLance Pauker (@LancePauker) likes flat-brim hats and hearing about other people's commutes. Read a collection of his ...

A Comprehensive List Of Recommendations For Your Next Movie Night

The first group are films you have most likely seen, then there’s a few that there is a chance you may have not seen (although have definitely heard of), and then there are those that may have slipped through the…

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