The 4 Most Memorable Sexts I’ve Caught Boyfriends Sending

He was a perfect date. I later got drunk and hacked his phone (who uses their birth year for a password? It was 1986, by the way #teamcougar). What I found was a text to a Kristina explaining his aforementioned sex dream he’d had about her while sleeping next to me in a luxurious hotel bed.

Meg Beyer dropped out of law school on two separate occasions and finds her true passion in lipstick, Jameson, and ...

All My Ex-Drug Dealers

The second-to-last time I saw Darnelle I was going to buy a large quantity of weed from one of his connects because mine was out of town and he set me up to get robbed. The last time I saw him he gave me ~200 Xanax (~1/4th the value of the money he stole from me) and apologized.

Jordan Castro (b. 1992) is the author of the poetry books YOUNG AMERICANS (February 2013) and if i really wanted to ...

A 20-Something’s Answer To A Commonly Asked Question

I’m about to finish up my sophomore fall of college, and friends from home are getting married and having babies and sufficiently freaking me out.

Kelsey Armstrong is an almost 20-something going to school to be a choir teacher, all while trying to manage a real ...

A Single Girl’s Thoughts On Relationships

Single people love to whine about being single.

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How To Dominate Your City In 10 Easy Steps

1. Make friends with at least one bartender at each of your top 3 favorite bars.

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