40 Petty, Little Things We Absolutely Hate

The fact that you have to be some sort of wizard to put the string back into a hoodie once it comes out.

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How To Make Every Day A Spa Day

DIY beauty treatments.


XMAS IS COMING! 9 Game of Thrones Gifts For The Westeros Fan In Your Life

This dangerously real replica of Arya Stark’s infamous “Needle” is, I think, capable of skewering little fat boys, impaling indignantly injured kids’ necks (and killing them), or using for some seriously epic shish kebabs. Probably don’t get this for a kid!

21 F. Scott Fitzgerald Quotes That Prove He Was The Original 20-Something

“Here’s to alcohol, the rose colored glasses of life.”

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When You’re The Child Of An Alcoholic

How do you reconcile the expectation and the reality when nobody warned you it could be this way?

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