11 Holiday Gifts For Your Loved One’s Penis

“Me and my orgy circle got adventurous with this and absolutely loved it… I personally had to wrap my penis in some Crime Scene tape to make it fit right.” (“Adam”)

Ted Pillow's entirety can be revealed in a single sentence, but he accidentally sent us this one instead. His writing ...

17 Things That Happen When You’ve Been Friends With Someone For, Literally, Ever

You’re the one their significant other really has to win over.

moiBrianna Wiest is a professional list-maker, unwarranted advice giver and admirer of all things beautiful, natural and ...

9 People Who Were Kanye Before Kanye Was Kanye

5. The Phantom of the Opera

Screen Shot 2013-11-19 at 5.59.36 PMElla Ceron is a writer from Los Angeles, now living in Manhattan. She tweets at @ellaceron.

10 Novelties Australians Love About New York

“How cheap everything is.”

Screen shot 2013-10-29 at 7.55.27 PMAnna James is an Australian journalist who focuses on sports. In her downtime, she pens pieces on relationships and ...

Little Girl, Little Body

“Be careful, you’re going to gain weight when you’re older.”

Nicole is a liberal arts student in upstate New York whose life revolves around puppies and trying to fund her wanderlust.
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