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UFO Sightings In Jerusalem and Utah

If it seems like I can’t stop talking about the end of the world, that’s because strange things just keep happening. The latest in apocalyptic news is this video of an unidentified flying object in Jerusalem, pieced together from two different camera perspectives.

On Keeping A Twitter

For many writers, using the website is about narcissism, but it can also be about participating in a daily creative exercise. Composing something interesting and/or funny in 140 characters or less is often more difficult than we’d like to admit and it forces you to cut the fat and focus on sentence structure and necessary language.

Oh Shit, I’m 22 and I Got Circumcised

I’m twenty-two years old; in May I graduated from a small liberal arts college, freaked out for about 5 months, and now I’m doing ok living in Brooklyn. I’ve been to the hospital for various reasons nine separate times. Seven of these were related to problems that affected me downstairs. The worst was when I got circumcised; that was about three weeks ago. It’s still pretty painful.