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To date a strong woman, you need to be able to man the f**k up. With all the cracks her heart has endured through the years, she has turned it into steel. But, you need to break down those barriers and see what’s inside. You need to be able to hear her story and not run.

I loved you. I truly thought you were the only love in my life and I never in a million years, thought I could replace you. But the love of my life isn’t you anymore. It’s me.

Maybe soulmates are supposed to leave us after all. And maybe the point of them isn’t to die without them, it’s to keep on going. You see, the point of a soulmate is to grow strong enough that you can live without them. And you can keep on surviving.

See, my head is full of imaginary scenarios, and false hope that takes up too much space. Because even though we ended a long time ago, I still have a tiny bit of hope inside of me. I still believe. And that’s what makes it worse. Because you don’t owe me anything anymore.

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