41 People Share Their “Crazy Ex” Stories That Will Blow Your Mind

13. This feels like severe abuse to me.

First boyfriend, smacked me around a bit when I was ‘rude’ or ‘disobedient’ chased me down a street at 1am, tried to strangle me, showed up to my house one afternoon while I was home alone and climbed through a window to ‘surprise’ me, when I ask him to leave he goes nuts and find a hockey stick and tries to destroy everything, smashes the microwave, the oven, the TV, two walls, a 20 year old house plant and 6 of the eight panes of glass in the French doors. The neighbors heard what they thought was 6 gunshots and called the police…. so restraining order was enforced for 3 years, once that was over he showed up at my NEW house, just to talk… NOPE GTFO or I’m calling the cops, he left, I left the country.

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