Breaking Up

How Our Generation Is Ruining The Art Of Breaking Up

We don’t know how to breakup anymore. Because we don’t know how to feel. We’re too scared. Scared that if we feel too much, we may not ever be the same. Scared that if we break too much, we may not ever be able to stand again. Scared to admit that we loved someone. And to admit that we lost them too.

I’m Breaking Up With Drama

girl done with drama

Same goes for the lame pop-culture magazines – fuck them. I no longer invite people into my tribe who sabotage my growth, and believe me at this point in my life – I can smell their kind many miles away.

Why Breaking Up Is Awesome

It’s interesting that some people view functioning coping skills as abnormal qualities. What a strange world we live in when self-love and taking personal responsibility for self is seen as odd.

The Stages Of Breaking Up With A Friend

But that doesn’t stop you from reading old messages, scrolling back months and months, all the way back when things were still OK. You look through old photos and you’re not sure if you want to laugh or cry. You think about deleting everything. You don’t. Not yet.