Never Forget, You Were Someone Beautiful To Me

You were someone who always made sure I was okay. Someone who attempted to heal my loneliness and the gaping void in my heart. Someone who would even call me during the middle of the night to make sure I wasn’t crying. Someone who comforted me after every disagreement and fight because he didn’t want me to go to sleep angry or sad.

You were someone who put in the extra effort to visit me on weekdays and weekends. On days where I felt too exhausted and tired to even put on a smile, he was someone who dedicated time out of his busy schedule to come and find me. Someone who travelled distances far and wide just so we could hang out for a day.

You were someone who wanted to pay for my meals. Someone who spoiled me rotten because he wanted to treat me with respect and care. Someone who worked tirelessly for his money and still decided to spend that money on me because he thought it was about time that someone demonstrated what generosity and kindness was.

You were someone who was vulnerable and emotionally honest. Someone who was open about showing his battle scars. Someone who was brave enough to let another person into his world, and was even more courageous because he wasn’t afraid to show the worst parts of himself. Someone who did not hide but instead wore his heart on his sleeve.

You were someone who was incredibly tolerant of other people’s flaws. Someone who was willing to withstand my fears and insecurities. Someone who was noncritical, even when he discovered my negative qualities, jealousy and paranoia. Someone who didn’t judge me for feeling how I felt and accepted me for who I was.

You were someone who was extremely loyal. Someone who remained faithful no matter how many different women pursued him. Someone who had eyes for only me and devoted his time and efforts to one girl. Someone who never betrayed the trust I placed in him and who put his best efforts into maintaining that trust.

Please don’t forget, you were someone beautiful to me.

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