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What To Do If Your Social Anxiety Feels Unmanageable

The usual go-to response to admitting you have social anxiety is something along the lines of: “Calm down, you’re fine.” But you aren’t. These are ways to handle your social anxiety in a productive and self-accepting manner, that will ease your stress in the moment and make even anticipating the feeling much more manageable.

My Relationship With My Hair, In Six Parts

At a certain point, I just stopped brushing my hair. It was disgusting. I would wrap it in a bun and only untie it to reluctantly wash it every other day or so, only to then immediately bundle all of my sopping wet hair, tangled and with soap suds still trapped within the knots, back on top of my head.

What I Wish People Understood About Living With PTSD

If someone has never experienced an intense trauma which can trigger panic attacks after the fact, chances are they won’t fully understand the importance of trigger warnings on potentially damaging content. This is the number one thing I want people to learn about PTSD and triggers – they’re real, and dismissing them is dangerous.

How Edibles Helped Me Cope With My Health Issues

I’ve spent most of my adult life trying various treatments for my mood — antidepressants, which helped my anxiety but made it impossible to orgasm, alcohol which made my anxiety worse the day after. I was curious to see if microdosing edibles would help me take my symptoms from tolerable to non-existent.