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37 Toxic Mindsets That Are Going To Make You Miserable 

37 Toxic Mindsets That Are Going To Make You Miserable 

The idea that “resting is lazy.” Self-care is a somewhat new concept to most people, and humans suck at it. We focus on things that aren’t biologically sound – like dieting, exercising to failure, or working 80 hours a week – and totally ignore what we actually makes sense in regards to being healthier and more fulfilled.

Sometimes, You Need To Escape Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes, You Need To Escape Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes, you need to let your worries take a backseat. You need to ignore your doubts, your fears, your what-ifs. You need to take a chance on yourself, even though you’re not completely sure of yourself, even though you have doubts, even though you aren’t positive whether you’re making the right move or making a mistake. 

You Feel Like You’re Alone, But That’s A Lie

You Feel Like You're Alone, But That's A Lie

You might feel like you’re alone because everyone else looks like they have their lives together. Because everyone else seems to be moving at a healthy pace and hitting all the right milestones. Because it seems like you’re the only one struggling this hard, feeling this confused, feeling this numb.

Memories That Didn’t Happen

I don’t like having memories of things that didn’t happen, so I can only tell myself that it was real, all of it. That you did care for me, for as long as it lasted. That I mattered to you.

My Heart Won’t Let You Go

My Heart Won't Let You Go

Sometimes it’s as if I’m sinking into a chasm of loneliness that I’ve dug on my own like all I’ve done in my life is fall into one misstep after another. 

No Matter What You’re Going Through, I Believe In You

I believe that you can do hard things. I believe when the world tells you “no,” you will not listen. I believe that you won’t shy away from tackling the mountain that stands before you—you’ll find a way to climb to the other side, and you’ll rejoice in how far you’ve come.

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