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How To Grieve The Loss Of Someone Who Is Still Alive

How To Grieve The Loss Of Someone Who Is Still Alive

And you will grieve the past. You will grieve the small and nameless moments you took for granted, the quiet nature of a love you assumed you would always get to lean on. You will grieve the concept of time, of the way you let it slip away from you, of the way in which it moves so quickly once you connect with how special it is. You will grieve every day you did not spend diving into the heart of them, all of the ways in which you were too busy, or too cool, or too consumed to notice that lived for you.

A Writer’s Diary Entries From Mid-July, 1986

At the Red Apple, a WABC-TV camera crew was set up to go live for the 5 PM news because someone claimed they put cyanide in two-liter bottles of lemon-lime Slice, and the city ordered the soda off the shelves. I bought mandarin orange Slice, which was supposedly safe.

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