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The Struggle Of Being A Fatherless Girl

I guard myself with sky-high walls, and it’s not because I don’t have massive amounts of love to share, but I just don’t know if my love, my being, my essence could be loved with the same intensity.

A Writer’s Diary Entries From Early September, 1987

After nearly two weeks here, I really feel a part of the MacDowell community. Last night’s dinner and tonight’s were both enjoyable; I’ve heard a lot of interesting talk, particularly from the visual artists. It’s interesting to get the perspective of people from San Francisco and Chicago.

Early Lessons In Motherhood

And I have taken two months to learn that time passes so quickly it is tragic and so slowly it loses meaning. That emotions are in such great contrast they become paradoxical, and though confusing, these are the most real of feelings.

I’m A Therapist And I’m Just As Lonely As You Are

What would my clients think if they knew that I suffered from loneliness? In what way would it affect the therapy? Are they under the assumption that as their therapist, I have everything figured out in my life, and that I subsequently enjoy a life of relational stability and meaningful relationships?

You Won’t Find A Love That Is Perfect, But You Will Find A Love That Is Real

You Won't Find A Love That Is Perfect, But You Will Find A Love That Is Real

You will not find a love that is perfect, but you will find a love that reminds you that goodness exists. This love, it will inject honey into the soul of you, it will feel like warmth has cracked within your bones. And you will see how it learns you, and fights for you, and stays to weather the storms by your side. You will be reminded that there is connection in a world that often chooses distance over depth.

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