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How To Deal When People Are Ugly On The Internet

I took this interesting lesson from watching my cats’ behaviour for a day. They are always happy, because they live in the moment. Their biggest concern is where their next meal comes from, which is usually in their bowls same time everyday. Now I recognise as humans it is so hard to live like this, but think of it this way, that thing you’re worrying about? It’s not going to go away because you’re worrying about it.

A 30-Year-Old’s Diary Entries From Mid-May, 1982

We joked around a lot in bed. I like to tease Sean and he comes right back. One thing that is always great about our sex is that we’re constantly laughing and playful. It’s that intimacy that I value even more than the sex. I think Sean must like me if he keeps coming back.

To My Body, I’m Sorry

girl apologizing to her body

I wasn’t always so cruel to you. When you were young all I felt for you was love. Then you grew up. You got older and I learned that I was supposed to hate you. I felt a strange mix of pride and horror from the attention I got because of you.

What Happened To Our Dreams?

girl wonders about her dreams and future

Accounting: the perfect combination of critical thinking, not too much people interaction, and a lot of money that would make me an independent woman. There is only one problem with going to school for something that you never had any interest in: you lose all sight of any dreams you have.

24 Things I Learned Before Turning 24

girl life lessons

Don’t be quick to answer when you’re arguing with someone. Arguments happen and it’s in our nature to fight to win them. Even if you know you’re right, say what you’re thinking to yourself first before saying it out loud. It might change the way you want to let it out. And trust me, that changes everything.

A Message From Those Of Us Who Love To Drink


I drink. Hell, I love drinking. If that’s not your thing, there is no harm done. Rule number one, though? Don’t make bad comments about alcohol, my drinking habits, or anything else that has the potential to kill my vibe. Just don’t do it.

What Happens When You Accept Yourself As A Highly Sensitive Person

highly sensitive

Loving yourself with high sensitivity means that you learn to deeply value your ability to perceive subtle energies – both positive and negative. It means that you deeply value your perception of people’s feelings and moods. It means that you deeply value your rich inner life, and how profoundly you are affected by art or music, and by the environment you are in.

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