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There is Nothing Feminist About Me, I am a Feminist…

To be a feminist, I quickly learned in my first year of college, I had to be an activist. I had to be angry about the condition of women around the world. I had to despise pop culture for maintaining the status quo. I couldn’t be interested in fashion. Nor could I straighten my naturally curly hair.

How to Live in New York City

Go home for the holidays and run into old friends from high school. When you tell them that you live in New York, watch their eyes widen. They’ll say, “Oh my god, New York? That’s so crazy. I’m so jealous!” Have a blasé attitude about it but deep down inside, know they have good reason to be jealous.

From the Desk of Oliver Sacks

In this video, from a series Desktop Diaries from, Oliver explains his scared work place. Filled with precious metals and child like trinkets, it is a rare and refreshing glimpse inside the thoughts of a true genius.

So My Dog is a Cat Murderer

When it comes to getting a dog, clearly, the kind of person who chooses that as her profession isn’t going to prance over to a breeder’s and walk out with some asshole Pomeranian to lug around in her Louis V bag.  No, Sophie’s a mutt. 

Carine Roitfeld Is Leaving Vogue Paris

In a massive thud heard around the world,  Paris Vogue editor-in-chief (and my idol) Carine Roitfeld announced that she’s leaving the magazine. It’s not that she’s going to another magazine or anything (yet!), but more that she’s kind of totally over magazines. “I have no plan at all,” she said. “It’s ten years that I’m editor of the magazine.

The Joy of Text: Why Talking on the Phone Is So Last Century

The downside: If it’s possible to pay your bills, watch movies, listen to music, or have an entire romance by pressing a keypad, why bother leaving the house at all? Feeling horny? Get laid with Grindr, or have text sex. Pretty much the only things we can’t do with online technology are exercise and go to the bathroom, but I’m sure someone is working on it.

Time Cover Battle: Franzen vs. Zuckerberg

Jonathan Franzen and Mark Zuckerberg both recently appeared on the cover of Time, and never has the approaching-archaic magazine seemed so relevant, or at least tried to be, to “us”—a word which marks this supposed readership of the internet savvy and literarily inclined.

A Survival Guide for the 26-35 Age Range in 2011

Be a freelancer. Because working for yourself is the American/Global Dream. In today’s economy, though, be advised that what freelancing actually means is a) abusing food stamps, unemployment and food banks, b) being a barista, c) accepting the money your parents offer and d) having one (two if you’re lucky) client(s) that result in about 15% of (what you tell others is) your monthly income.

On Meeting Johnny Marr at the Supermarket

As I stood dumbfounded in front of the cooler, Johnny Marr walked off and began filling up a cardboard container with pre-prepared foods. As I watched him, I thought to myself about how unlikely it was that of all the places Johnny Marr might be at this moment, he was here, shopping at a Whole Foods in Washington D.C.

Helping Johnny Remember

Teaching children to play in harmony is not simple. Parents know the challenge, and as evidenced in Ashleigh Nankivell’s “Helping Johnny Remember,” mothers and fathers raising children in the 1960s knew this as well. But what transpires in Nankivell’s remix of this once harmless public service announcement, originally…

Kanye Clause Delivers an Early Christmas Gift

If you like Kanye, or hip-hop, or good music (also G.O.O.D. Music), or Christmas, you will like this. The song is bouncy and fun. It literally sounds like an actual Christmas tune that you might hear over the speakers in Michael’s arts and crafts store, as you wait in that goddamn line for twenty minutes to pay for an embarrassingly crappy plastic wreath.

Why Being Gay Is Gay

Sometimes I feel like being gay is a full-time job. Do straight people ever feel straight? There are moments when I feel extra gay (like when I’m connecting to Britney Spears’ Blackout) and I’m not sure what that even means.

Midweek Russian Viral Video Roundup

A Russian man confuses real life for GTA in a drunken rampage, another Russian bashes a third, possibly depressed, unflinching Russian in the head with a shovel, then awkwardly sits down next to him and stares, and a fourth Russian wearing a ‘bungee’ (read: rope) gets pushed off a giant bridge by her ‘friends.’ Videos inside.

How to Be My Girlfriend

Speaking of sex. I want you to like it. I want you to be sort of a perv and not be afraid to do, well, basically whatever I ask you to do. I want you to be strong. I’m strong, and I like to feel a little bit stronger than you, but every so often, take the palm of your hand and push my face to the side and press it down into the pillow – if for no other reason than to show that you can.

Diatribe Against Tacos

Shown above is a standard taco—not the pre-curved ones from Taco Bell, but an authentic taco, usually made by actual Mexicans, especially in California and maybe Texas. This is not so much a “diatribe against tacos,” as the title of this article has rather glibly implied, but a diatribe against a kind of evasive vagueness coming from the people of Mexico about the proper way to eat one.

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YouTube Joins The Fight Against Terrorism

The new function will allow users to report videos and YouTubers who encourage terrorism or spread propaganda through their videos. YouTube recently announced that it had removed hundreds of videos featuring radical Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, a dual American-Yemeni citizen believed to have been behind the failed Times Square bombing and the failed underwear bombing.

Eight WaysTwilight is Better Than Real Life

The Twilight series of books/films is widely perceived to be bad, sexist and potentially in possession of a ‘Mormon agenda,’ even by people who have not consumed any of the books or films nor are able to articulate what a ‘Mormon agenda’ is besides ‘having a ton of wives’ or ‘not having sex’ or ‘having a ton of babies while being really nice to people.’

Thanks For Nothing, Allstate

In theory, I understand that this is “funny.” It’s the oldest ad-trick in the book: take two seemingly disparate things and combine them into one hilarious, bound-to-go-viral video. Sort of like rapping grandmas or talking animals. In this case, though, a smooth, handsome dude in a suit is as far as it gets from an Internet lingo-spewing, baby pink truck-driving, boy-crazy, text message-addicted teenage girl. Ha ha ha, easy laugh, easy ad.

How to be a 20-Something

Work at a coffee shop but feel hopeful about your career in advertising, writing, whatever. Remember that you’re young and that the world is your oyster. Everything is possible, you still have so much to see and hear. You went to a good school and did good things. Figure if you’re not going to be successful, who the hell is?

Hate is All Around: The Politics of Enthusiasm (and its Discontents)

But at their most lethally perky, the politics of enthusiasm are the Black Flag of the intellect, killing critical thought on contact. Consider the ubiquitous Favorite This button: How many favorites can we have? Isn’t “favorite” the Everest of our emotional lives, reserved for the acme of our enthusiasms? When everything is our favorite, nothing is our favorite.

Das Really Good Indie-Rap: Introducing, Das Racist

Among the most common complaints about indie-rap group Das Racist is that their music is “dumb,” “silly,” “immature.” That they’re “over-privileged liberal arts college grads” who are “making a mockery of rap.” A friend recently laid out his issue with the Queens- and San Fran-born, Williamsburg-affiliated trio like this: “They have nothing to talk about. Their music doesn’t make you feel anything.”

Showgirls/Black Swan Trailer Mash-Up

Natalie Portman and Elizabeth Berkeley both play slightly insane dancers who are willing to dabble in lesbianism to get the career of their dreams and when the two films merge together, it creates a beautiful marriage of dance, paranoia and intense expressions.

Hos b4 Bros: The Broken Social Contract

For sake of continuity, we shall observe the informal (and somewhat politically insensitive) vernacular of “bros” and “hos” in the following article. May it be known that this contributor, with bro-like qualities, is not a full on bro; nor does he believe that all women are hos.

Divine Intervention Prolongs Brett Favre’s Epic Streak

The inflatable roof of the Metrodome, home of the Minnesota Vikings, collapsed today due to heavy snow. This act of God postponed the game between the Vikings and Giants until tomorrow. ESPN is hailing the incident as help from above to keep sexting Quarterback Brett Favre’s historic ‘streak’ of never missing a football game alive.

My Teenage Dream: How 90210 Sucked Me In

Unlike the Dawson’s Creek gang, who worked phrases like “statute of limitations on mourning a break-up” into everyday conversation, these teens actually talk like teens, and this L.A. zip code isn’t populated by the sort of stereotypical archetypes that dominated The O.C. Liam is supposed to be the tortured, brooding hunk (see Dylan and The O.C.’s Ryan), but he isn’t just that.

How I Plan On Spending Christmas Day

I’ll probably spend a great deal of time on the Internet. Being on the Internet is the most fun ever. I don’t care if it’s cool to say “go outside and smell a tree,” or, “It’s nice outside, why stay cooped up inside on the computer?” All I have to say to things like this is: “Because I’m a grown ass woman and I can do whatever the eff I want, retard.”

Welcome to Babyburg!

Days spent at Bleecker Park, Leroy Park, and Leroy Library have given me glimpses of women who I am positive are in, as the Gawker article once noted, “sexless marriages.” They’re worn-out, annoyed, and very much “over it.” They can really only focus on their manicure, their high-end shoes, or the fact that their youth is pretty much over.

Ryan O’Connell’s Best & Worst of 2010

Is it cool to like Best Coast this week? I’ve lost track. J/K , I don’t care because this record is amazing. I spent the entire summer making out to it and I felt like I was being transported to the beach with Frankie, Annette and the gang.

The Best Things in Life Are Free

When you’re trying to unload your crap on the internet, you have basically two options: eBay or Craigslist. With the former, the man takes a portion of your profits, while the latter you get the satisfaction of having no paper trail. The Craigslist experience is also much more enthralling.

Ivy League Professor Charged With Incest

According to reports, political science professor David Epstein has been arrested for having, um, sexual relations with his 24-year-old daughter. Consensual sexual relations, that is. Though Epstein has yet to respond to the allegations, his lawyer has asked the Columbia community to “support him and give him the benefit of the doubt.” Hmmm. Epstein is now on administrative leave.

Confessions of a Tokyo Hooters Girl

After three days of training, we were deemed ready for uniforms. No one asked for sizing information; shorts and tanks in size XXS were distributed to all. We retreated to the bathrooms to wrestle ourselves into suntan-colored pantyhose and elastic tanks—assuring one another the look was cute, or kawaii—and lined up in front of the trainers. They inspected us for uncovered tattoos, forbidden nail jewelry, and proper shorts length.

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