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This 5 Year Old Little “Princess Boy” Has Bigger Balls Than You Do

Dyson Kilodavis is a young Lady Gaga 5 year old kid who wears women’s clothes and, specifically,  dresses like a princess. Doesn’t that sound fun!  The “Princess Boy” came to America’s attention this week due to his appearance on a number of talk shows, where he wore a series of fabulous tutus, sequins and other bedazzled items.

Samaritan vs. Superman

Samaritan makes invulnerability and godlike power look hard, and that’s something Superman never did. I never bought it. Clark Kent is a bit of dork, but he gets it on with Lois and he has all this time to waste playing human. All I could ever think when I read one of those comics was, “Isn’t there someone on the other side of the world being raped or tortured while you’re acting like a clutz at the Daily Planet?”

On GChat

People who select “busy” as their GChat status, which turns the circle next to their name red, are not usually busy. When you type something to a “busy” contact, the program warns: “[Contact] is busy. You may be interrupting.” “May,” indeed. If they were busy, they’d be invisible.

This Homeless Man Has The Best Radio Voice Ever

This homeless dude is freaking amazing, and he’s looking for work. The four million pageviews his YouTube video’s garnered should help him out a bit. Now all he has to do is chill on the side of the on-ramp and wait for the record deal. Watch him talk like the coolest radio personality ever after the jump.

Intervention: Erin Is Addicted To Meth, Men And Wearing Booty Shorts

Today Erin’s life is very ho-hum. Her husband Jim goes to work at a place called Christian World while she lounges in her bra and booty shorts, smokes meth and hangs out with her friends. When she tires of that, Erin invites her boyfriend over-the one who truly understands her-and the two have wild passionate sex on top of a phonebook or a seesaw.

Everything You Didn’t Really Care To Know About The Real Housewives

At this point, it’s safe to say that Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise has made an indelible mark on pop culture. Since its conception in 2006, there’s been six installments, record deals, spin-offs, sex tapes, book deals and exhaustive tabloid coverage for these delusional divas, allowing them to transition from legends in their own mind to sort of/kind of legends in real life.

How to Be Black

Get admitted to Harvard College before any of your non-black friends. They don’t get into Harvard, Yale, or Princeton, are stuck with Washington University (a much lesser school). Tell you it’s all your fault. They were National Merit Scholars. They did community activism in Botswana. They got a perfect score on the SATs. They went Le Rosey in Switzerland but then transferred to Dalton (a $250,000 education).

Under New York City with Andrew Wonder and Steve Duncan

In the beautifully shot short documentary “Undercity,” Duncan takes director/cinematographer Andrew Wonder on a tour of a few of the coolest—and most dangerous—restricted areas of the city. The film sees the two of them jumping third rails and dodging trains beneath the Fulton Street subway station, breaking into the sewer system, and climbing above the Williamsburg Bridge.

5 Judgmental Strangers

The judgmental stranger is a growing breed of somewhat unhappy people who have the need to make themselves feel better by judging others, often accompanied by self-ambivalence and misdirected anger. While the religiously fervent Muslim and Christian are the “classic” judgmental strangers, we shall explore other types, perhaps in demographic overlap with this kind readership.

Ten Best Celebrity Twitters

When celebrities use Twitter, it can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, they’re able to create a faux personal relationship with their fans and enhance their brand and marketability. On the other, they could be complete idiots who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a computer to tweet their thoughts.

The New Rules (and Kings) of Hip Hop

But just like Das Racist and Odd Future, Kanye, Drake, and Nicki’s reach goes beyond music. Part of what makes them so appealing is their rejection of the historically acceptable rules-to-being-a-hip-hop-star. They are revealing in ways that most rappers deny themselves. Kanye

Eulogy For A Pair of Chuck Taylors (2003-2011)

As a teenager, I never even considered purchasing a pair of Chuck Taylors. To me, they were the footwear equivalent of a Green Day album — overrated and embarrassing, part of a hastily fashioned anti-establishment uniform I had no interest in wearing.

Top 10 Worst Fruits to Get Blowjobs From

Durians love to perform unseemlily protracted blowjobs, refusing to try any method that doesn’t last at least 89 hours, claiming that their spiked exteriors can only be pierced by the nonstop and specific—but easily learnable, reliably safe, and ultimately enjoyable—thrust of an erect penis for 89 hours.

“How Does That Make You Feel?” Aborted Adventures In Life Coaching

That’s how I came to be spending the weekend in a hotel conference room with 25 other aspiring coaches, having my resting facial expression critiqued. Brand new notebook and pen in hand, I had shown up expecting a crash course in psychology, concrete strategies for helping clients set goals, a framework for providing guidance to codify the tough love approach that I already practiced.

50 Things I Wish I Wouldn’t Do

I wish I wouldn’t be the type of person that lets one (self-perceived) embarrassing or unseemly situation fester and eventually create a large gap between myself and a friend and never again attempt to bridge that gap until it is somewhat forgotten about, then just hope we avoid referring to it the next time we hang out.

The Time(s) I Used my Autistic Brother to Get Into College: An Essay Critique

Growing up with an autistic sibling really makes your teenage years abnormal in the way that your only goal is to fly under the radar by doing super-well in school, saying no to all drugs, and abstaining from sex. All of this in an effort to avoid causing your already stressed-out parents any undue pain. I remember myself as an obedient, unselfish teen, but in retrospect, I selfishly used my disabled brother as leverage to get into school.

An Interview With Someone I Just Took a Road Trip With

I’m not sure if you know this or not, but I am now a resident of Olympia, Washington. I drove here, via a rental car, from New York and it only took three days because my travel partner and I decided that it would be a great idea to never sleep and just drive until we started hallucinating characters from Where The Wild Things Are in the middle of the road.

Keith Richards & James Fox: Life

Life is a valuable, irreplaceable, first-hand account of over fifty years of rock ‘n roll history, filled with insights about music making and music makers and told by one great high octane artist who emerges from these pages as endearing, if not lovable

My Childhood, or How I Became a Pop Culture Junkie

Precedent indicates that someone with my kind of upbringing wouldn’t survive one year of college without developing a mild substance abuse problem or getting tattoos, much less my three and a half. Instead, I’ve developed a pop culture addiction behind my parents’ backs, and now I hope to turn it into a career.

Wake Me When New Year’s Eve Is Over!

Here we go again. The years may change, but every December 31, the questions remain the same. Do I splurge on an overpriced, underwhelming dinner at a restaurant where the criminal intent is to rob special-occasion thrill-seekers blind?

How To Throw A New Year’s Eve Party

For a second, it feels like this party might not ever happen. You’ll watch the countdown with your best friend and this girl you don’t like and you’ll be very drunk and maybe even cry. The next morning, you’ll wake up still dressed in your party outfit and the mood will be very young and sad. You’ll be convinced that 2011 is going to be horrible and maybe it will be.

An Obituary For Myspace

The Top 8- a feature in which a Myspace user could rate their eight most important friendships based on who they liked better that day-literally destroyed relationships. At first, it was fun to have your 8 best friends hanging out next to each other on a website because, oh my god, you loved them and you wanted everyone to know it! But then it just turned into an evil passive-agressive tool.

Jay Herrod’s “Women, Facts A Man May or May Not Know”

YouTube user Jay Herrod thinks there are some things you should know about women. For instance, “Start giving a woman flowers too often, and she’ll think a man is up to something.” And, “Women talk just as dirty as men.” And, “Not all blond-haired women are dumb and stupid.”

Psychic Styles: Fashions in Metaphysical Media

The charge was fraudulent advertising: turns out a lot of those calls cost a lot more than 99c a minute. Particularly dismaying was the news, leaked out during the investigation, that the sultry Miss Cleo—née Youree Dell Harris—was in fact born in Los Angeles to American parents, and was not Jamaican, as both she and her accent had led us to believe.

25 Los Angeles Watchdogs

My girlfriend Claire and I met some dogs while walking around LA. This video contains 2 beagles, 3 boxers, 7 chihuahuas, 1 collie, 5 pit bulls, 1 rottweiler, 4 terrier mixes, and 2 other kinds of mixes: a small sample of our country’s 80 million domestic dogs.

Kinda Just Wish I Had an Arranged Marriage…

Above anything, the reasons we’re getting divorced are the reasons we’re getting married. In the past—and, of course, this is still the case in many parts of the world—marriage was all about practicality. People got married to protect business interests, to ally families and clans, to procreate and extend their lineage, to create viable social and economic units.

Intervention: Darick Is Addicted To Meth, Oxy and “Cooking”

While becoming addicted to meth, Darick became engrossed in Julia Child’s cookbooks and decided to apply her panache to the meth labs. With great care and precision, he became a revered master meth maker, combining genius ingredients such as roach killer and baking soda and eventually winning the prestigious meth cookoff in Eureka, California.

An Example of YouTube Enriching My Daily Life

Honestly, I was searching YouTube for instructional videos on how to speak Slytherin (or parseltongue loser, as one commenter has already corrected) which is a totally fun and normal thing to do while having coffee in the morning, when I chanced upon this diamond of a video.

A Conversation With My Closeted 17 Year-Old Self

Seeing old pictures of yourself is both mortifying and life-affirming. On one hand, I’m so glad I no longer have a nose ring and wear mismatched Puma shoes. On the other, I can’t believe I even pierced my nose and thought mismatched Puma shoes were a good idea.

Ethnographical Survey of Beverages

Many social functions are clarified and maintained by this fermented grape juice. It can serve as “admission” to dinner parties, as the host implicitly expects guests to bring a ~$15-20 bottle in order to offset the cost of food—as chronicled in a Seinfeld episode in which George Costanza laments having to buy a bottle for a party.

Ten Great, But Oft-Overlooked, Beatles Songs

As a temporary resident of Liverpool, a city which plays up its Beatles-related legacy with almost religious zeal, I learned a few things very quickly. The first lesson? When you’ve seen one Beatles tribute act, you’ve seen them all. Although the Fab Four had a wildly prolific career, writing more than 300 songs (not even brushing solo material), the same 40 or so selections seem to make up the core of the regional tribute repertoire here.

Annette Bening vs. Natalie Portman: Who Deserves Oscar More?

Once again, I respectfully dissent. This time, with the Oscar prognosticators, whose general consensus is that Annette Bening is egregiously overdue. I understand where they’re coming from: She’s a first-rate actress and one of the few who has allowed herself to age gracefully onscreen. She also accomplished the seemingly impossible Hollywood task of taming Warren Beatty. But how overdue is she?

I Was a Cartier Gift Wrapper

Two months in New York, and I was begging for a chance to prove myself as a gift wrapper. The worst part was, I knew I couldn’t do it. My presents often looked like I wrapped them while riding a roller coaster. Even for items as easy as books I ended up using a half a roll of tape.

Leor Galil’s Best Albums of 2010

This year, I’m not entirely sure I’m fit to write a “best of” list that speaks for all of society. Then again, lists like these shouldn’t be thought of as the final word on a year’s cultural output, even for the person who wrote the list. Tastes change, people discover music from years past and realized they overlooked it.

Will The Vice Guide to Everything Save MTV?

It’s been years since the world stopped holding its breath for MTV to return to playing music videos. And I’m pretty sure we’d also given up hope the network would ever run any programs of substance. (Sadly, Jersey Shore and Teen Mom just don’t cut it.)

How To Be A Complete Douche

Take pictures of the food you’re eating in other countries and post them on Facebook. Take your time ‘figuring out your plan’ while your aging parents extend themselves to pay back your student debt. Brag about your dick size. Brag about your game. Brag about how many beautiful women you have been with this week to the woman you are drunkenly going home with.

Why You Shouldn’t Kill Yourself

But over time, I would increasingly see people coming to my blog because they were using Google to try and figure out how to gas themselves. When I wanted to kill myself, this was my primary interest, the idea of gassing myself. Most of the time, they came at night.

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