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When You Have Something Good, Don’t Go Looking For Something Better

When you have something good, love it. Be kind to it. Look beyond the minor imperfections or minor bruises, don’t try to make it spotless or whole again, love it the way you got it, the way you found it, the way you just couldn’t take your eyes off it when you first saw it and how you kept thinking about it all night.

12 Signs You’re Closer To Finding The Love You Deserve

You still follow your heart but you don’t lose your mind in the process. You understand that love won’t always be easy, you know there will be fights and tough situations you have to deal with, you know that there will be difficult conversations to have and you know that you can’t leave someone at the first sign of trouble. You are more patient and more forgiving.

10 Struggles Only People Who Feel Older Than They Are Will Understand

You don’t really care about instant gratification. You’re looking for long-term happiness, you’re looking for something that lasts, you want to find work that is meaningful to you even if it doesn’t pay well, you would rather stay single than date ‘casually’ and you are more interested in leaving a legacy than just living in the moment.

10 Reasons Why People Who Speak Their Minds Are The Happiest

They don’t worry about what people think. They don’t try to keep up appearances or try to please people. They don’t try to get everyone’s attention. They’re happy with a certain group of friends and they will not do things they are not really feeling to fit in – they know how to stand out regardless.

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