Every Great Story Begins With Heartbreak


Every great transformation begins with heartbreak. Because heartbreak fuels you to change who you are, to change how helpless you feel, to depend on yourself for your own happiness and to start the journey of changing within and finding ways to transform your pain into something meaningful, into something better and into art.

Every great artist begins with heartbreak. Because pain is art, pain is sad melodies and heartfelt words composed into a song. Pain is Oscar-winning scripts that touch the hearts of millions of people. Pain is books, poems and articles written with tears in the writer’s eyes. Pain is how the best art come to see the light.

Every great fight begins with heartbreak. The fight to survive, the fight to become a better person, the fight to be strong, the fight to resist texting or calling or even going back to the person who broke you and the fight to live. You fight for yourself when no one else is fighting for you and you learn that it’s not the easiest battle but it’s the most important one.

Every great love begins with heartbreak. When you know better than you did before, when you can spot the warning signs, when you’re not afraid to fall in love again, when you’re not afraid of getting heartbroken again and when you’re not afraid of being vulnerable and loving someone with all your heart. Every heartbreak is a stepping stone to find the greatest love of all.

Your greatness doesn’t end with heartbreak — it begins with it.

Your strength and your beauty are at their peak when you’re broken, when your smile is crooked, when your eyes are sad and when your soul is tired.

Your heartbreak reveals who you truly are, it reveals what you’ve been through and what you’re capable of and it gives you the push you need to take a leap of faith, to take a risk, to do something crazy and to really find meaning in your life.

Every great story begins with heartbreak and ends with glory.

Every great story begins with someone else and ends with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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