This Is How You Keep Him Interested


You probably expected a list of things you should start doing so you can ‘get the guy’ and ‘keep him interested’ but I’m here to tell you the exact opposite, I’m here to tell you to drop that list that tells you to be everything you’re not, I’m here to tell you that even if this list worked for someone, it won’t work for you because you’re not them and they’re not you and I’m here to tell you that even if the list worked for a certain amount of time, it will not work forever.

Because there is no magic formula to ‘keep him interested’ if he’s not and there is no secret strategy to ‘get the guy’ if he’s not willing to make himself available.

I’m actually here to tell you that I don’t even know how to keep a man interested but I know what kind of excuses they make when they’re not.

I don’t know how to get the guy but I know that when someone wants you, you will not need a list to tell you how you should keep him because you wouldn’t even worry about him leaving. It will be the last thing on your mind.

I don’t know how to play the game but I know that you lose when you stop being yourself so you can impress someone else, when you start questioning your worth so you can be worthy of someone’s love and when you start following the rules of the game blindly when you don’t know who you’re playing against.

Instead of trying to figure out how to keep him interested, figure out how to keep yourself interested. Make a list of all the things you wish you could do and exert more effort into finding out how you’ll do them, because this is the only list that truly matters, the list that has your dreams, the list that makes you smile, the list that makes you hope and the list that will make you forget about all the absurd things you should be doing to keep him interested.

Because if you spend your time finding ways to attract the person you want, you might ending up ruining your life while they’re living theirs. They’re not looking at a list trying to keep you interested, they’re busy being interesting themselves and that’s why you should do the same.

And even if you don’t, there will be one person who wants you the way you are, who is capable of loving the real, unfiltered and unscripted you — and maybe then you will realize that it was never your fault that you couldn’t keep someone interested, maybe then you will realize that no matter how many lists you follow, the wrong man will always be uninterested. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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