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Here’s What They Don’t Tell You About Growing Up

Here’s What They Don’t Tell You About Growing Up

After a few heartbreaks, after a few broken relationships, your heart begins to change. You think too much before giving someone a chance, you’re always guarding your heart even when you’re falling in love, you’re always thinking about the moment they leave or the moment you have to walk away.

This Is How You Lose People

This Is How You Lose People

Because the kind of people who stick around through thick and thin, the kind of people who let you get away with things that you would not tolerate, the kind of people who give you too much are the kind of people who walk away when they’ve had enough.

If You’re Confused, Talk To God

If You’re Confused, Talk To God

Talk to God if you’re confused about someone, he will either move your heart closer or push you away. Signs will show up, you will hear something about them, you will see a side you haven’t seen before, you will slowly begin to make a decision and you will eventually figure out if that’s the right person for you.

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