The Art Of Moving On

I previously wrote about the art of letting go but today I want to write about the art of moving on because they’re not the same. They may carry the same meaning but their dynamics are totally different.

Letting go means accepting the reality of the situation but deep down you’re not completely satisfied with it. You’re not really over it but you’re letting go of the pain so you can live your life. You may have moments where you relapse and hope for a different outcome but you’re letting it go for now until it naturally fades away or something changes. Letting go is something you do because you have no other choice, you can’t change some situations or people so you just let them be but the art of moving on is really about you more than anyone else.

Moving on means you’ve accepted the situation and you’re not wanting it back or wanting to change anything about it because you know for sure that there are better things ahead for you, that whatever you moved on from served its purpose in your life but it’s not something you want to ever go back to. Moving on means you’re over the pain, the person, the situation and the way it made you feel. Moving on means the wound has healed and you’re no longer looking for ways to numb the pain or conceal it.

It simply means you’ve learned something about people or about yourself and that lesson will help you make better decisions and judgments in the future. You’re not looking for an answer or trying to solve a problem. You’re moving on with your life and putting all that energy back into yourself.

In a way, they complete each other but you can’t truly heal by letting go alone, you have to move on because moving on means releasing all the physical and emotional attachments you harbored, it’s what truly sets you free. You’re not just in a state of acceptance, you’re in a state of growth. You’ve moved on from feeling rejected by someone. You’ve moved on from not feeling good enough. You’ve moved on from questioning or doubting yourself or your purpose. You’re completely over it.

Letting go gives you peace but moving on gives you power. You’re not held back by anyone or anything. You’re moving on and moving forward. 

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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