50 OMG Stories From People On The Internet That Will Definitely Make Your Heart Stop


When I was 8 my mom, dad, and younger brother were visiting some relatives. We ended up staying the night, with my brother and I sleeping on cots near my parents bed.

In the middle of the night, I distinctly remember feeling incredibly cold and waking up. While attempting to rearrange my sheets, I looked up and saw my dad wide awake and staring intently at something behind me.
When I turned to see, I saw several small little glowing balls floating down towards my brother and I. Turning back to my dad, we made eye contact and I jumped up into bed with him, but he did not move or speak at all. Even under the comforter I was chilled to the bone.

He was visibly tense and concentrating very hard, and I swear I could see the little glowing balls get pushed away from us, but it wasn’t quite enough before they reached my brother.

When they did, I didn’t feel as cold anymore, but I felt very strange, like a mix of dozens of emotions without being any particular one. I looked at my dad, who looked very sullen, who put his arm around me and went back to sleep.

The next morning, we were awoken by my brother throwing up all over the carpet. This continued for hours, he had a terrible fever, chills, and had a really hard time speaking. My father moved him downstairs and gave him some pain killer, but my brother said that it didn’t work.

About lunch time, we decided to take an early leave and go home. Less than 20 minutes into the car ride, my brother was completely fine again.

My father and I talked about this a few years ago, and only more recently told my brother and mom about it. We have since slept there in different rooms without incident, but my mom sleeping in there once on a trip had a similar experience (vomiting, fever, chills) only to be fine minutes later after leaving the house.
We don’t sleep in that room anymore.


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