50 OMG Stories From People On The Internet That Will Definitely Make Your Heart Stop

28. highonfire

When I was growing up I lived in rural alabama, about 30 miles north of a place called Mount Pinson. There really wasn’t anything around. Just houses, nothing like a neighborhood in the traditional sense. No stores nothing. We had a one police officer and he was pretty friendly. He was my best friends uncle. He would often let us ride around with him because nothing really ever happened. There wasn’t a recorded murder or anything beyond someone being drunk and a public nuisance. He didn’t even arrest people for that, he just ferried them home.

Well we had this lady who was all alone.. Her husband and died a few years earlier and she was lonely. She called this one cop over everything. If some kids were in her yard playing, she’d call the cops saying she was being harassed. She did it because she was lonely and wanted company. No one could figure out why she just wasn’t nicer to the kids or anyone around the neighborhood. One day there was this new kid kicking around near this little spot we liked to hang out, it had a nice climbing tree and a rope swing. There wasn’t any grass, just dirt. It was fun to kick the dirt up and stir it up and get all dirty.

My and my friend being interested in this kid introduced ourselves. He told us stories of living in a big city and how much fun it was. We were mesmerized at the time. He taught us some new games to play. We generally had a good time. Well his father was a real prick. It turned out this kid was the mean old ladies grandson and his father had lost his job and went back to say with his mom while he recouped and stuff. Since the kid was around she had warmed up a little to us and would invite us over for snacks and stuff. We obliged being kids we were always down for some free treats. One day the new kid never showed up to our little spot. So we figured he was busy with his grandma or was doing something else. A couple of days went by and my friend told his uncle. His uncle said he’d take a look. He let us tag along because he never imagined anything weird happening.

It took about 10 minutes to make it up the windy dirt road to her house. It was quicker just to walk through the field. Took maybe two minutes to do. Well, we get up there and he instructs us to stay by the car. We oblige him. He knocks and knocks. No answer. Their car is there. He knocked again this time louder. So he circled around to look in the back. My friend and I decided to try knocking. It didn’t seem like a bad idea at the time. So went up to the door and knocked. Nothing. My friend grabbed the doorknob and turned and I was like, what are you doing?! And he pushed the door open. We both almost threw up instantly. It was like the smell was a physical force and pushed up against us. It was so vile.

Friends uncle made his way around and when he got to the porch and he took a smell he knew immediately what had happened. He instructed us to go to the car and wait. He went in and looked around and came bolting out of the house and threw up. He had tears in his eyes. Not like he was crying, but he just so upset. He went to his car to contact someone. My friend took off and I went after him. He was intrigued and so I was I. I felt a little more bolder following him in. We tip toed in… the first room was completely clean.. we went into the kitchen…

The kid was stuffed into the oven.. burnt.. he had clawed at the glass front of the door and actually scratched it. You could see his hands. His face. It looked like he was still alive trying to get out.
My friend and I just sat there. In complete shock for what seemed like eternity. It was so surreal. My friends uncle snapped us back to reality as he came running in the house and grabbed us, screaming yelling, telling us never to disobey him again like that. He took us both outside.. we just sat there… the entire evening we didn’t say a word to each other or anyone.. My friends uncle dropped me off. I never saw my friend again. Uncle said he couldn’t handle it and went to live with some family members in the city.. My family moved a year later. I’ve never been near that house again.

Uncle ended up drinking himself to death and was depressed.

A farm that was near the house ended up having some sort of infestation and they lost all their crops. This weird circle of death expanded around the house.


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