34 Super-Creepy Real-Life Stories That Read Like Horror Movies

26. UFO near a military base

“1985 my friend and I were driving down the road in her car in a suburban neighborhood not too far from a military base. She tapped me on the shoulder and told me to look up, above the car. Directly above us, at tree level, was an absolutely huge aircraft of some kind, that was hovering right at treetop level, right above us. It was dark, kind of old looking metal like you would expect to see in a sci-fi movie. It was completely silent, made no sound at all. We both looked at each other for a second, looked back up, and it was done. Completely gone. Without a sound. No site of it in the distance, just gone. If we had not both seen it, neither of us would have believed our own eyes. But since we both saw it, we have always known it was real. Now, was it a UFO or something being tested by the military base? Who knows? But I still don’t know of any aircraft with that capability even today, and please correct me if I am wrong, because I would love to know what it was.”

27. A human near the bathroom door

“Probably a month or two ago, I was playing Xbox in the basement when my 3-year-old niece came down to talk to me and play with my old Legos. After about ten minutes of us building some kind of house or something, she looks over to the other side of the basement where there’s a pool table and the bathroom connecting to my brother’s old room. She stares over there for a few minutes and says in her 3-year-old voice, ‘What was that?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I heard something. Over there,’ she says and starts to slowly make her way to hide behind a leg of the pool table and peer around the edge.

‘What’re you lookin’ at, little one?’

‘That. That right there,’ she says quietly, pointing to the corner by the bathroom door.

‘There’s nothing there, child.’

‘Yes! There’s another human. Another human,’ she points again to the corner, ‘Right there.’ She then starts to tentatively walk further towards the bathroom and curiously says, ‘Hi, my name’s Ally (not her real name). Where you going?’ She starts to walk further into the bathroom, apparently following something.

Now I don’t really believe in the paranormal but I’m really weirded out at this point and we are the only two people in the basement. I’m not about to let my niece follow some ghost into the dark so I’m right behind her, looking for any rational explanation.

She says again into the dark, ‘Hello? What’s your name?’

Right after she says that, the lights in the bathroom and my brother’s room turn on. And I don’t mean the lights just turned on because of a wiring mistake or something, I mean that I saw and heard the lights switches flip. So I picked my niece up, grabbed our Legos and we went upstairs where our dogs could protect us.

I still don’t know what the fuck that was or why she thought she saw someone but it hasn’t happened since.”

28. A vision of myself

“When I was in high school, I was walking home after school, same way I go every day, and because I walk past a middle school on my way home, there’s lots of kids still around at that time. So I get close to the end of the block, to where there’s a gate for cars to go into the school, and I see the craziest thing. Myself. I literally saw myself, as a middle-schooler, in uniform and everything, just standing by the gate, waiting for his parents. I knew it was me because the coat he was wearing was exactly the same as one I used to have in middle school. As I walk past him, I can’t help but stare, cause what the fuck? Am I going crazy here? The icing on the cake was when he spoke to someone who was waiting with him, same voice. I still don’t know what the truth of the matter was, because I never saw that kid there ever again, just once. I try to think about whether I remember something like that happening to me in middle school, but it was so long ago I don’t remember much.”


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