34 Super-Creepy Real-Life Stories That Read Like Horror Movies

20. The monster at the fence

“When I was about 18 I was living with my cousins’ in Maine. They have a Great Dane, and I am familiar with the neighboring dogs.

One night I was in the pool area smoking a cigarette. The pool area is surrounded by a fence about 6-7 feet high. It was dark but there was an outside light on.

So I hear a clattering like paws on the fence. I look over (I am about 15-20 feet from the fence) and something that looked sort of like the head of a deer has poked its head over the fence. Since it was dark I assumed it was Jimmy (their Great Dane, and the only dog in the area capable of seeing over the fence).

So I just say ‘Hey, Jim.’

Then I look in through the French doors and see Jimmy sleeping on the floor.

Not really freaked out, but I turn back to look at this thing whatever it was and I can’t quite make out what it is in the dark. There are coyotes in the area but they wouldn’t be tall enough to see over this fence and whatever it was had a full head above the fence line.

Like I said it sort of looked like a doe, no antlers, but it would be very unusual for a deer to act like this.

So I have no idea what it is so without really thinking I yell ‘BAAAAH! GO AWAY!’ to it. It hesitates for a second, still staring directly at me, and calmly lowers itself off the fence. This is also inconsistent with how a deer would behave as they’re quite skittish.

I go to the garage and cautiously open the outside door and peek out to the lawn area where this thing would have been and of course nothing.

So like I said maybe not the most crazy thing but I still have no idea what it was I saw.”

21. The gunshots nobody else heard

“Many years ago I was waiting up for my son to come home from a concert, he was forgetful about locking the door when he came home. Shortly after he got home around midnight I checked the door and laid back down. Out of nowhere I heard three gunshots in front of the house next door, then tires squealing as a car drove off at high speed. I asked my son and he too heard it, but none of the other neighbors seemed to notice since no lights in their homes came on. About six weeks later I was reading the newspaper and there was an article about my next door neighbor being on the zoning commission and the night that I had heard the shots he had just voted to reject a local business from moving into a coveted vacant building. I never discussed what I had heard with him, so I don’t even know if he and wife knew someone had shot at their house.”

22. The miraculous shopping cart

“I moved out of my mom’s house at 17. Among other shitty things my mom said ‘anything you don’t take with you I’m throwing away.’ So I loaded everything I owned into a backpack and 4 large garbage bags. I couldn’t call anybody to pick me up so I had to carry everything over 5 miles to my girlfriend’s house. The bags were huge so I had to pick up one while pushing another a little ways then set them down and go back to carry and push the other two. This became more difficult the more I went. It wasn’t even a quarter of a mile before I was screaming, crying and breaking down from it. Then I hear a strange sound. I look over to see a shopping cart rolling in my direction and it stops very close to me. I was overjoyed but also very confused. I was not anywhere where’d you expect a shopping cart and I didn’t see anybody around to push it toward me. I felt overwhelmed by the joy but also by an uncomfortable feeling like a higher being watching and influencing my life. I yelled ‘Thank you’ a lot, loaded the cart and was able to get to my girlfriend’s place much faster. I still get goose bumps thinking about how the cart came out of nowhere right to me at the perfect time I needed it.”


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