34 Super-Creepy Real-Life Stories That Read Like Horror Movies

32. The doctor in the woods

“It was the first day of spring and I was a freshman in college. Me and about five or six of my friends were planning on having a party at this nature reservation/park by my school. It was night and we parked on a nearby road and walked up the trail a little bit. I realized I left all the liquor in my backpack in the car. My friend, M, said he’ll walk back with me because he wants to roll a joint in the car. The rest of the group heads up the trail. I get the booze, M rolls some joints and we head up the trail to the top of this mountain and find the others. We make a fire and we are drinking and smoking. About two hours pass and this dark figure emerges from behind a few trees. He’s very tall, wearing a trench coat, a fedora, and has a long walking stick. He is also talking in a fake British accent. We were all terrified and didn’t know what to do. He said his name was ‘The Doctor’. Half of us ran down one trail towards school and the other half ran down the other trail towards the car. My friend with the car keys ran with the group that was running towards school and had to turn around to run towards the group going to the car. When my friend, K, got to the car ‘The Doctor’ was telling the group weird stuff. Like, his favorite dish was a bird you ate alive in one big bite, and that he was 300 years old, etc. He also said that he followed me and M from the road, up the trail, and was watching us from afar for almost two hours. When K got to the car, they drove away. Myself and two of my friends took the trail toward school. We are all fine. But it was a strange night. Going to that nature reservation at night, or during the day, still gives me a weird feeling.”

33. I’ve never felt so terrified in my life

“I used to live with my ex in an apartment building right across from the cemetery. I am an atheist and don’t believe in stuff, but I still felt really uneasy there cause horror movies and such. Once I went to bed at around 2am. Woke up to an intense blue light to my left, with a dark figure inside. It looked like a tall person in all black, couldn’t see any features at all. I remember feeling terrified but couldn’t move/didn’t try moving. The thing stood there for several seconds and then started moving around the foot of the bed to my right side. It stood there for a moment, then extended a bony long finger (think ET) and touched my arm. There was this electrical zap for a second, and I came to senses. It was gone, and everything looked the same in a room. I checked my arm, but there was no trace on it. It was so fuckin’ realistic, I could’ve sworn it wasn’t a dream. I’ve never felt so terrified in my life, so I ran and turned on all the lights. After that I started sleeping at my mom’s until I moved out. Might’ve been sleep paralysis or something, I don’t know. Thinking about it still makes me uneasy, 9 years later…”

34. Pelted by rocks in the woods

“This happened about 6 years ago. A couple friends and I have decided to go out into the woods and build a ‘base camp.’ We brought axes, machetes, fuel and a tent. We walked deep into the woods and spent all day cutting down trees and building a makeshift fence. Being idiots as it became dark we realized we had no way to see. We started a fire and I realized if we pour some fuel into a small can we can light the fumes at the top and create a torch. We made several torches and placed them in the surrounding woods. It got very dark we needed more logs for the fire so I was out about 20 meters from our camp I could hear my friends talking. I was swinging at the tree when I felt something hit my back. I froze and turned out around staring into the dark forest right at the edge of lights from our torches. I saw nothing and I assumed something had fallen off the tree and hit my shoulder.

Right as I was about the swing something hits me in the back of the head and it hurt enough to make me swing around again. I saw a rock at my feet and I was terrified now. Turning back to walk towards camp I could hear my friends and see the light from the fire I kept turning my head looking into the darkness about halfway to camp a rock flew by me, missing my head by inches. I ran back to camp and told everyone and they saw the terror in my face. We sat for a while before more rocks came, we couldn’t see anyone or anything just rocks flying into camp. Needless to say we didn’t sleep, just chilled in the tent holding machetes and keeping a big fire. There were so many rocks in the morning, the thought still terrifies me. We were deep in the woods no one else should have been out there, I want to say it was a person but we didn’t hear anything or see anything. Just so many rocks.

There was a lot of rocks in the morning well over 100 ranging in sizes, some were scary large. None larger than the size of a fist.”


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