34 Super-Creepy Real-Life Stories That Read Like Horror Movies

4. The whisper

“A few years back I was falling asleep with my wife cuddled up to me on my left side. I’m at that point where I’m just starting to fall asleep but still very slightly lucid. Suddenly the hair on my body sorta stands up, I feel this chill, and then I hear this weird almost ‘whisper’ in my right ear. It sounded almost like someone talking backwards (think Spirit Healer from WoW.) My eyes snapped opened and nothing is out of the ordinary so I go back to sleep and just brush it off as my imagination. The next morning my wife says she had this weird dream. She says she dreamed she was in bed and her old childhood friend was standing at the foot of the bed. He climbed onto the bed and began whispering in my right ear. She said she thought it was kinda a weird dream, since her friend had recently committed suicide.”

5. My guardian angel

“My mother has told myself and anyone of the night my life was saved by an ‘Angel’ when I was two. I don’t remember any of this, but this incident caused my mom to continue to be as religious as she can be today. Around 10 pm on this night when I was two, the babysitter my mom got me had fallen asleep on the couch, and my mom opened the garage door and walked inside the house expecting me to be upstairs asleep. The door was left open and I crawled out because I guess the streetlights and steady rain seemed attractive to me. My mom explains that after freaking out that she couldn’t find me she ran outside to crawl to the edge of the sidewalk, look forward and stop right as a large truck began to speed up the street. Sitting across the street in the pouring rain was a teenage boy in a light hoodie and sweatpants staring directly at me shaking his head as in ‘no.’ My mom ran forward, picked me up, and began to come back up the driveway when she turned around and the boy was nowhere to be found.

To this day she believes that the kid was my guardian angel and that if he wasn’t there I would have kept on going right in front of the truck. To whoever that was, thanks.”

6. Ghost party on the riverbank

“My family travels to the hills of Kentucky every year for family reunions, this particular reunion was in 95 or 96. We had all planned on building a fire down on the riverbank to sit around, catch up and roast marshmallows. The family starts heading out and my mom and cousin stay back a bit to put some food away and gather up stuff to bring to the fire. They finished up and leave the house from the back end which faces the river and head towards the trail that takes them down to the bank. They see the shadow from the fire and hear everyone having a good time. People talking and laughing. As the reach the trail and look down they see nothing. No fire, no people just darkness. They start to freak out and both heard and saw the same thing. They start walking back up to the house and at this time hear voices. They walk around to the front of the house to see everyone sitting on the front porch hanging out. They question everyone but no one had been down to start the fire, we had all been waiting for them on the porch. Still scares the crap out of her to this day when she talks about it.”


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