34 Super-Creepy Real-Life Stories That Read Like Horror Movies

10. Something heavy fell on the sheets between my legs

“One day I was home from school from some kind of abdominal pains. I went up to lie in bed and I felt something heavy just drop on the sheets between my legs. I looked, nothing there. Nothing was on the ceiling that could have dropped either. My mum used to have nights where she’d wake up in pitch blackness (there was always a streetlight shining through the window) and feel like someone was on top of her choking her too. That house was weird.”

11. The ghost balloon

“About two years after my uncle killed himself, we had a big sixtieth birthday party for my grandmother. We brought the helium balloons home to her condo after the party. One of them started following her—including going down under door frames and bulkheads, then going back up to the ceiling. We never saw it, it would just turn up. It was printed ‘I love you, Mom.’”

12. The ‘person’ in the middle of the road

“This took place around 4 years ago. I was outside one day waiting for my mother to arrive home from work. I was looking down the road we live on, and I noticed something that I first thought was a deer. It walked out into the middle of the road and I realized it was on two legs. I decided to whistle at it. it then froze about 3/4 of the way across the road. After a couple more whistles, it ran across the road. Could have been a person, but I fucking swear it had inverted knees. That’s the part that freaked me the fuck out. I might want to mention it was getting dark when I had seen this. Could have been a guy, or it might of actually been a deer. I also want to mention, I’m not superstitious. I do not believe it was a spirit, demon, shape-shifter, etc. So telling me it was any of those, will not convince me.”

13. Footsteps on the gravel road

“One night at my family’s cabin in West Virginia, my brother and I were sleeping on the porch. From the beds we were in you could see the rocks on the top of the mountain. There appeared to be somebody on top of the mountain shining a light or a signal mirror down at the valley we were in and it stopped right on my brother and I. We could hear from all the way in our beds, that somebody on the top of the mountain was making a hoot or a fake owl call. Meanwhile on the gravel road leading up to the house, we could hear footsteps. We ran inside and our parents told us to sleep inside but that they didn’t think anything of it. They thought we were just being kids. The next morning they asked us why we were walking around outside and when we said that we didn’t go outside they looked worried and said that they also heard footsteps outside.”


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    Hahaha the “Doctor in the Woods” sounds like the Doctor from Dr. Who. Probably a weird fan playing a prank.

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