Love Was Never Meant To Be Easy — But Don’t Let That Stop You From Falling

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Love was never meant to be easy. Love isn’t poetry. It isn’t a fairytale or a perfect picture. Love is a damn mountain to climb followed by another mountain. It’s a storm. It’s a marathon. It’s not a walk in the park.

Love is a fight. It’s a battle. It’s an ongoing series of questions. It’s never straightforward or simple. It’s never uncomplicated. It’s never plain sailing.

Because real love is a challenge. When love is true, it’s full of complications and mishaps. It’s full of turbulence.

Let’s face it, if you really love someone, you don’t spend your days cuddling in bed, content with everything in your life. No, you’re going to work, you’re juggling your social life and your friendships and your relationship. You’re dealing with stress, with your mental health, and with your future.

Love isn’t just two people, arm in arm, breezing through life together walking off into the sunset.

We don’t live in a fairytale. We live in the real world. In a world where people fuck up. We live in a world where arguments turn to silence. We live in a world with war and violence and chaos. We live in a world full of temptation, full of loss and grief and betrayal. 

The world we live in makes love that much harder. Because on top of dealing with the one you love, you have to deal with their work and your work. You have to think about them through all the questions that you face. And sometimes you have to put them before you. And sometimes they will put themselves before you.

But you need to go through all of the rough days and months to figure out if the love is going to survive. Sometimes it won’t. Sometimes you’ll try so hard and you’ll fight so hard, and they won’t return the favor. Sometimes, they will beg for you and you have to let them go. Sometimes the distance will kill your relationship. And sometimes, another person will come between you.

And that doesn’t mean that your love wasn’t amazing. It doesn’t mean that the relationship and the bond you had was a failure. It just means that it wasn’t meant to last. And that’s okay.

Some loves will grow old and boring and the fall out will be seamless. Most of the time, love will end in an abupt battle. It will end in tears and in heartache. It will end in shattered hearts.

So when you find a love that lasts, don’t give up. Don’t turn away when you see your partners own version of ugly. Don’t turn away from their flaws and imperfections. When you find a love that lasts, don’t expect it to be a fairytale. Don’t expect to be made up of magic. But don’t let that stop you from falling.

Life isn’t magic. It’s hard. It’s overwhelming and scary and incredibly dark.

So when you find the love of your life, don’t let go. Don’t let go even when it’s hard and even when you have to climb those mountains over and over again. Because when you find that kind of love, at least you won’t have to go through life with regrets. When you find the kind of love that is real, don’t let life knock it down. Don’t let life destroy it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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