Why You Need To Let Him Go, Even When It Breaks Your Heart

girl saying goodbye to loved one
Rachel Williams

He is not the one for you, sweet girl. He isn’t. Because if he was, you wouldn’t be having to say goodbye. You wouldn’t be having to make this decision. And you wouldn’t have to let him go.

He is not your forever or your destiny. He is not your fate. He is just a passerby on the road. A paragraph in your life story. Just a sentence or perhaps a four letter worded fragment.

He is merely just a ripple in the ocean. Nothing for you to concern yourself with. Nothing for you to get caught up in. Nothing for you to drown in.

He does not deserve to have a part in your story. He doesn’t deserve to have a space. He doesn’t deserve to have any piece of your heart, because he never had the guts to truly love you.

You gave him everything and he was too scared to open up to you. You told him that you cared, and all he did was laugh at your beauty. You wanted him to want you so badly, that for a while, you believed it.

You believed that he could be the one to turn your world around. You believed that he could be the one to steer you on course. You believed that he could be the one to make you into a home.

But the thing about him is, he was never going to be that for you. He was never going to keep a piece of your heart. He was never going to give you his all. He was never going to kiss you openly, on the city streets. He was never going to ask you to be only his. He was never going to love you, like you wanted him to.

Right now, you think it’s your loss. You think you are breaking and falling apart and you will never be able to get up. You think you will never be the same. And you think that he took parts of you that you will never ever get back.

But please, know that he was never going to be that guy for you. The guy to bring you soup when you got sick. The guy to give you cuddles when you didn’t feel like doing anything else. The guy to kiss your forehead and wink at you from across the room. The guy to hear you sing and beam so proudly and awestruck of your beauty. He was never going to be the guy to fall in love with you.

He was never going to be your person.

You see, you are the brave one here. You’re the beautiful one in this equation. You weren’t afraid to love someone. You weren’t afraid to open up your heart when it had been closed for so long. You weren’t afraid to get heartbroken. You weren’t afraid to fall.

And that makes you powerful. That makes you strong. That makes you brave. That makes you better than he will ever be and more beautiful than he will ever be.

You deserve someone to love you with the same amount of love that you have inside of your heart. So let this love go. Let this man go. And never stop remembering, that you deserve full love. Whole love. Unquestionable love.

You don’t need him anymore. And truly, you never did. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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