13 Unmistakable Signs That You Are In Love With The Right Someone


1. You miss them no matter how long it’s been. Even if it’s a week or a day, you miss hearing them laugh and seeing their face.

2. You love their flaws. Their imperfections are what makes them perfect for you. Without their flaws and scars, they wouldn’t be the same person that you know and love.

3. You would move to a different city or country to be with them. No matter what, you know you would move across the world to be with them. No questions asked.

4. Their ugly laugh is your favorite sound. Before, you hated loud and obnoxious laughs. But their laugh? It sounds like a choir to you.

5. You feel lighter and more at ease in their presence. Whenever you are in your significant other’s presence, you feel comfortable. You feel at home. And that’s all anyone could ask for.

6. They are the first person you call with good news and bad news. No matter the kind of news you need to share, they are the first person that you tell. It has become almost second nature for you to let them know what is happening and vice versa.

7. You both make sacrifices for one another without expecting anything in return. When ever you give a a lot to this person or make a certain sacrifice, you don’t and wouldn’t ever expect them to do the same or give you something to call it ‘even’. You would do anything to make them feel loved.

8. When your significant other is upset or sad, you feel that way too. To see them hurt, hurts you immensely and it tears you apart inside to see them in so much pain.

9. You can’t stay mad at them for long. You have arguments, sure. But, you never stay angry at this person for too long because they never fail to do something to make you laugh or smile shortly after. They know how to push your buttons, but they also know how to make you happy.

10. When you picture your future in your head, you see them standing next to you. Whenever anyone asks you if you see yourself with this person in the next five years or the next fifty years, you always say yes. There isn’t a single doubt in your mind.

11. You support one another’s goals and dreams. You never tear each other’s goals apart and constantly encourage one another to keep trying and to never give up.

12. Even if you are suffering or in deep pain, knowing you have this person, keeps you smiling. No matter the circumstance, you know in your heart you will always have this person. Even that little bit of hope lights up your world in a way no one else could.

13. They aren’t perfect and your relationship isn’t either. But they are your kind of perfectYou know you are whole on your own. You know you can live without them. But you don’t want to live without them. And you don’t want to be on your own. Because this person is the best thing to have ever happened to you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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