Life Is Meant To Be Lived, So Live It

Josh Dorazio
Josh Dorazio

Life is not meant for mediocre moments. Life is not made for you to stay stagnant, doing the same thing over and over again. Life is not meant to waste away your time through every sunrise and every sunset.

Life is meant to be lived.

Life is made for nights of star gazing, for nights spent with your best friends sipping red wine in the dark. Life is made for nights getting ready for first dates, and for experiencing the true magic that is a first kiss.

Life is made for family road trips, for days roaming new territory and new land that you’ve never seen before. Life is made for climbing mountains when everyone around you tells you that you can’t do it. Life is made for doing it anyway.

Life is made for falling in love. For the tender touch of a hand that you want to hold for the rest of your life. Life is made for messed up sheets and delicious touches that send fireworks up your spine. Life is made for saying ‘I love you’ and not being scared of the response you’ll get back.

Life is made for breathing in cool air, for sipping giant mugs of hot chocolate on a December night, and for snuggling up with your best friend by the fireside. Life is made for March days when the sunshine finally starts warming up your worn out skin. Life is made for summer, for endless sun rays and moments you can relive again and again. No matter the season.

Life is made for working hard. For having a dream and following through with it. Life is made for doing what you love and not apologizing for it. Ever. Life is made for recognizing that you are a star, and knowing that you’ll always have a light inside of you despite the weather forecast.

Life is made for big hugs. For long conversations with your parents about what you want your life to feel like. For knowing that you are doing your best. And knowing that that’s all you can do. Life is made for do-overs, for rebirths and starting all over again.

Life is made for messing up over and over again, but getting up anyway. Life is made for failing, and surviving. Life is made for heartbreaks, and new loves that erase all of that hurt in your heart. Life is for heartbreak and living through that pain. Life is for believing in love even after you have been broken.

Life is made for racing hearts, for running that mile that you never thought was possible, for kisses that stop time, and for laughing until you’re in stitches.

This life was given to you to live. This life was given to you to love. This life was given to you to find out what joy is. This life was given to you to experience the power of a touch. And this life was given to you to experience the power of a smile.

Your life is meant to be lived.

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