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Meg Ryan Fans Celebrate the Legend’s Rom-Com Return Following ‘What Happens Later’ Trailer

Meg Ryan makes a glorious return to rom-coms in ‘What Happens Later’ trailer.

Meg Ryan — the Hollywood icon famous for classics like When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and You’ve Got Mail — will finally return to her rom-com roots. She directs and stars across from David Duchovny in the upcoming romantic comedy What Happens Later – which she co-wrote alongside Steven Dietz and playwright Kirk Lin. The film is based on Dietz’s play Shooting Star. 

The film follows a former couple who unexpectedly reunite decades following their split — when a storm leaves them stranded at the same airport. 

‘What Happens Later’ trailer breakdown 

The trailer opens with Ryan’s Willa and Duchovny’s Bill running into each other at the airport and engaging in a little small talk  — following the realization that it’s been at least two decades since they’ve seen one another. 

When their flights get delayed due to a raging storm, the conversation grows a little more intimate. The questions get a little more serious. The topics a bit more compelling. Kids. Family. Why did they split up? Did they want different things? Were their personalities not compatible? 

The facility proceeds to power down, and with the help of a little magical realism, they’re the only ones left in the airport as the intercom talks directly to them — answering their airport-related inquiries with an air of facetiousness. They laugh. They smile. They doubt. They wonder. They fool around. They ponder what could’ve been. And, of course, they dance under the snowy moonlight and ride those airport golf carts. It’s got all the necessary rom-com ingredients — it’s oozing with sugar and spice and we just can’t wait. So, what’s everyone saying on Twitter?

Fans are hyped for Meg Ryan’s rom-com return

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