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‘AHS’ Fans Are Divided on Kim Kardashian Starring in ‘Delicate’

AHS: Delicate premieres on FX on September 20, 2023, and fans of the Ryan Murphy-helmed anthology are divided when it comes to the season’s, for lack of a better term, inventive casting. The twelfth installment, based on Danielle Valentine’s novel Delicate Condition, stars Emma Roberts as Anna Alcott: a woman convinced that someone is out to prevent her from conceiving a child. And, in her first scripted TV role, Kim Kardashian plays her confidante and career advisor who, based on her screentime in the trailer alone, will boast a handful of scenes in the upcoming season. 

While the extent of Kardashian’s acting talent has yet to surface, the trailer is not all that promising, as she suffers from flat delivery and an utter inability to shake her existing media influencer identity. All we see is Kimmy K. Fans have taken to Twitter to discuss the season’s casting, and while some are happy to keep up with the Kardashian in a new way, others can’t believe Murphy has gone this far off the rails. 

It all just feels a bit bonkers

There exists — somewhere in the universe — those who are both AHS and Kim Kardashian enthusiasts

Maybe it kind of works? 

Is Kim Kardashian channeling ‘Gossip Girl?’

Did we spot some Kendall Jenner shade in the trailer?

Is Kim Kardashian enough to cancel out Emma Roberts’ cancellation?

What has this show come to? Are the glory days gone for good?

It may be time to walk away…

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