191 Unisex Baby Names (And What They Mean)

191 Unisex Baby Names (And What They Mean)
Suhyeon Choi
1. Aarya Prayer
2. Addison Son of Adam
3. Adrian Dark
4. Alby From Alba
5. Alex Defender of mankind
6. Alexis Defender of mankind
7. Ali Sublime
8. Andy Manly
9. Angel God’s messenger
10. Archer Bowman
11. Ariel Lion of God
12. Arron Enlightened
13. Arya Lion
14. Ashley Meadow of ash trees
15. Ashton Ash tree enclosure
16. Aubrey Powerful elf
17. Austen Great, magnificent
18. Avery Ruler of the elves
19. Baby Infant
20. Bailey Law enforcer
21. Billy/Billie Resolute protector
22. Blaine Slender or thin
23. Blair Dweller on the path
24. Bobby/Bobbie Shining
25. Brady One with broad eyes
26. Brook Small stream
27. Caden Barrel
28. Cameron Crooked nose
29. Carmen Song
30. Carson Son of Carr
31. Carmine Song
32. Cary Descendant of the dark one
33. Casey Brave
34. Cassidy Clever or curly headed
35. Cecil Dim sighted or blind
36. Celyn Holly
37. Chandler Maker of candles
38. Charley/Charlie Independent
39. Christian Follower of Christ or anointed
40. Cody Obliging
41. Connor Exalted/wise/constant
42. Corey Dweller of the hollow
43. Dana/Dane From Denmark
44. Dakota Friend
45. Dallas Waterfall near the field
46. Darrel/Darryl Darling
47. Darren Great
48. Delaney Son of the challenger
49. Devon Poet
50. Donovan Dark warrior
51. Drew Manly one
52. Duncan Brown warrior
53. Dustin Valiant fighter
54. Dylan Son or daughter of the sea
55. Eden Paradise
56. Eli On high
57. Elisha God is my salvation
58. Ellery From the elder tree island
59. Emerson Industrious ruler
60. Emery Brave, powerful
61. Erin Ireland
62. Fabian Bean grower
63. Finley Fair hero
64. Florian Blooming or flowering
65. Flynn Ruddy
66. Francis Liberated
67. Frankie Free one
68. Glen/Glenn Of the secluded valley
69. Gray of the grey
70. Hadley From the heather covered meadow
71. Haiden From the hedged valley
72. Harley From the hare’s meadow
73. Harper Harp player
74. Hayden From the hedged valley
75. Hayley From the hay meadow
76. Hero Heroic warrior
77. Hunter A huntsman
78. Indiana Land of Indians
79. Ira Watchful or vigilant
80. Israel Contender with God
81. Jade/Jaden Precious stone
82. James/Jamie Supplanter
83. Jesse/Jessie Wealthy
84. Jordan To flow down
85. Jules Youthful
86. Justice Just one
87. Jamie Supplanter
88. Jan God is gracious
89. Jerry Mighty spearman
90. Jesse Wealthy
91. Jordan To flow down or descend
92. Jude Praised
93. Julian Downy bearded or youthful
94. Justice Just
95. Kadin Companion, friend
96. Keegan Descendant of Aodhagán
97. Kelly Warrior
98. Kelsey Ship island
99. Kendall Of the royal valley
100. Kennedy Helmeted warrior
101. Kerry Dark haired one
102. Kiley Land where cattle graze or beautiful
103. Kimberley Fortress meadow
104. Lane A narrow country road
105. Lee Dweller near the woods
106. Linden Lime tree
107. Leslie From the gray fortress
108. Lindsay Island of linden trees
109. Logan Dweller in a little hollow
110. London Fortress
111. Lonnie Ready for battle
112. Lucian Bringer of light
113. Lumi Light bringer
114. Mackenzie Fair one
115. Madison Mighty in battle
116. Mallory Unfortunate or unlucky
117. Marley From the lake meadow
118. Mason Stone worker
119. McKenna Ascend
120. Meredith Protector of the sea
121. Micah Who is like God?
122. Michael Who is like God
123. Montana Mountainous
124. Morgan Bright sea
125. Moriah Taught by God
126. Nevada Snowy
127. Nico Victorious people
128. Noel/Noelle Born at Christmas
129. Orion Son of fire
130. Paris Lover
131. Parker Gamekeeper
132. Payton/Peyton From a small town
133. Perry/Perrie Dwells by the pear tree
134. Phoenix Reborn
135. Piper A pipe player
136. Quinn Fifth
137. Raphael God has healed
138. Ravenel Raven
139. Reagan Little king
140. Reed Redheaded
141. Rene Reborn
142. Reese Ardor
143. Riley Dweller by the rye field
144. River Tranquil water
145. Robin/Robyn Bright, shining, famous
146. Rory Red king
147. Roux (pronounced ‘Roo’) Little red one
148. Rowan Of the tree
149. Ryan Little king
150. Sage Wise
151. Sam God has heard
152. Samar Evening conversation
153. Scout To observe or to spy
154. Sean God is gracious
155. Shane God is gracious
156. Shay Supplanter
157. Shelby Village on the ledge
158. Silver Lustrous
159. Sky/Skye Of the Isle of Skye
160. Skylar The isle of Skye
161. Sonny A young boy
162. Spencer Dispenser of provisions
163. Stacy Resurrection
164. Stormy Tempestuous
165. Sunny Bright or cheerful
166. Sydney Wide meadow
167. Taylor To cut
168. Teri/Terry Smooth
169. Toby/Tobey The goodness of God
170. Toni/Tony Worthy of praise
171. Tori/Tory Victory
172. Tracy Harvester
173. Tru/True Honest
174. Tyler Tile maker
175. Tyne A river in England
176. Umber Shade
177. Unique Only one
178. Val Strong
179. Vesper Evening Star and Evening Prayer
180. Wallis/Wallace From Wales
181. Wesley A clearing in the west
182. West Of the west
183. Whitney White island
184. Winter Seasonal name
185. Wyatt Guide
186. Wynne Fair or white
187. Xen variant transcription of Zen
188. Xoan god is good
189. Yael name meaning “mountain goat”
190. Zane Gift of God
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