Norse Female Names

130+ Norse Female Names for Strong Women

If you’re searching for baby names, you should look into Nordic names for girls. Vikings were strong Scandinavian warriors. Your little girl would be lucky to be named after these famous women from history. Below, there are plenty of different Norse female names that you can use for your little girl!

History of Nordic Names

Viking names are still popular today, even though you might not realize it. Unfortunately, it’s more common to see male names than female names. This is because men went on more expeditions and could leave runic inscriptions for historians to find.

Boys in the biking age were commonly named after gods like Thor, like Toke and Thorsten. Some girls were named after goddesses. However, many Norse female names were associated with special qualities, like peace, strength, or purity.

Viking names commonly included a byline. It was common to hear first names along with the place where the person came from — or with one of their possessions. For instance, instead of calling a man Asgot, they would call him Asgot with the Red Shield.

Although you might not know much about Vikings, they were strong and unyielding. If you want to raise a strong daughter, then it’s a great idea to use one of these Viking names below:

Norse Female Names For Girls (A-D) 

Vikings are known for being tough. However, their names are soft and beautiful. Here are some Norse female names and their meanings:

Astrid. This name means beautiful or loved

Åse: This name means goddess.

Aada. This name means noble type.

Abellona. This name refers to the sun goddess.

Aino. This Finnish name means the only one.

Alma. This name means loving.

Asa. This name means goddess.

Agnetha. This baby girl name means pure or holy.

Annika. This name means grace or favor.

Ansa. This name means virtue.

Anja. This baby girl name means merciful or gracious.

Annalina. This is a Swedish name meaning graceful light.

Atalie. This is one of the most beautiful baby names. It means pure.

Ama. This name means eagle.

Astra. This name means beautiful as a god.

Astrid. This name means beautiful goddess, diving strength.

Anneli. This name has a Finnish origin. It means grace or favor.

Alith. This name means a noble sort.

Borghil. This name means battle fortification.

Brynhild. This name refers to a maiden who was rescued by a man pretending to be her husband.

Bodil: This Danish name means penance and fight.

Beadohild. This name means a battle fight.

Bergdis. This means spirit protection.

Birgit. This means strong or powerful.

Birgitta. This means strength.

Carin. This means pure.

Carita. This means love or affection.

Carola. This means free woman.

Cilla. This means blind or ancient.

Dahlia. This is a Swedish name that means valley.

Darby. This is an Old English name, meaning deer park.

Old Norse Viking Names For Girls (D-F)

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Norse female names are perfect for little girls who will grow up to be warriors. Here are some names inspired by Viking that will make sure your kid is tough as nails:

Eira. This name means mercy.

Eevi. This Finnish name means living.

Elea. This means strange.

Elise. This means promise of God.

Else. This name also means promise of God.

Elin. This is one of the most beautiful baby names. It means light.

Elsa. This means noble.

Embla. This name means elm.

Evelina. This means light.

Elli. This is a name meaning old age personified.

Ebba. This means queen of riches.

Embla. This is a name meaning uncertain.

Erica. This is a name meaning mighty ruler.

Ellika. This means one who cannot be defeated.

Estrid: This name means god and beautiful.

Filippa. This is one of the best girl names. It means lover of horses.

Frida: This is a German name, meaning peace.

Freya. This is a famous name. It represents the goddess of sensuality in Norse mythology.

Free. This is a name meaning love, beauty, war, and death.

Fridge. This was the name of Odin’s wife, who was the queen of Asgard.

Old Norse Viking Names For Girls (G-K)

If you’re going to become parents soon, you should look through as many baby names as possible. Make sure you pick one with a meaning that speaks to you. If you’re interested in warrior names, you don’t have to search any further. There are plenty on the list below!

Gertrud. This is a German name, meaning spear.

Gale. This is a Middle English name, meaning jovial, rowdy, light, pleasant, or merry.

Grid. This is a name meaning frost giants.

Gro. This is a Norse name, meaning to grow.

Gudrun. This is an Old Norse name, meaning rune.

Gunhild. This name means fight. It’s perfect for little girls who want to grow up to become warriors.

Gisla. This means pledge or hostage.

Gitte. This name means to help.

Gitty. This name means high and mighty.

Gisliica. This means the rays of sunshine.

Gunda. This name means war, female warrior, and fight.

Gunel. This means mother of kings.

Hilja. This name means silence, quiet, or calm.

Heidrun. This is a name that refers to a goat that ate leaves from the tree of life.

Hilda. This name means the fighter.

Helga. This is a beautiful name. Helga means sacred or divine woman.

Hel. This name refers to the famous goddess who rules the Norse underworld.

Idunn. This name means spring an immortality.

Inga. This name means of the god Inge.

Inger. This means hero’s daughter. It’s one of the best Viking names out there.

Juni. This is a Norwegian name, meaning born in June.

Juska. This means to give refuge.

Jorine. This means boar.

Juheta. This means be merciful.

Kara. This name means a valkyrie.

Kels. This means beautiful island or shipping harbor.

Kajsa. This means pure.

Kindle. This means spring.

Karina. This means pure.

Katri. This is another one of the Norse female names that mean pure.

Katrin. This is another baby name meaning pure.

Karin. This name means pure.

Klara. This means clear.

Krista. This means believer.

Karitas. This name means charity.

Karoline. This name means joy.

Kerstin. This means Christian woman.

Old Norse Viking Names For Girls (L-R)

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You want to start your baby’s life off in the best way possible. In order to do that, you need to pick the best baby name you can find. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a popular name or an obscure name. If you’re going to be a new mother, you’ll find anything you need on this list:

Liv. This name means of life.

Lena. This baby girl name means tender.

Lovisa. This means warrior or fighter.

Lovise. This also means warrior.

Lulla. This is another name that means warrior.

Lif. This name means to exist.

Lili. This means abundance.

Lindy. This means lime tree.

Lotta. This is a female name, but it means man or masculine.

Linnea. This means twin flower.

Maja. This means pearl.

Margareta. This also means earl.

Madlen. This means a town with a tower.

Marna. This means of the sea.

Mia. This name means mine.

Noora. This name means light.

Odell. This means one who is distressed.

Otta. This refers to a philosopher or creative individual.

Oglesby. This means not widely known or distributed.

Petra. This name means stone.

Revna. This name means raven.

Roar. This is a name, meaning warrior.

Runa. This name means secret lore.

Randi. This means shield or shrine.

Revna. This name means raven.

Old Norse Viking Names For Girls (S-Z)

Here are some more beautiful girl names! Some of these names have risen in popularity over the years. Others are going to sound brand new. It doesn’t matter what type of name you’re hoping to find because this list has everything.

Signe: the one who is victorious

Sigrid: victorious horsewoman

Solvi. This means house of strength.

Stina. This name means Christian woman.

Svanhild. This is a name meaning daughter of Sigurd and Gudrun.

Sif. This name means wife and bride.

Tora. This name means of the god Thor.

Tyra. This name means God of battle.

Tove. This name means dove.

Thyra. This name means helpful.

Thurid. This name means Thor and beautiful.

Ulfhild. This name means wolf or battle.

Urd. This name means past destiny.

Ulla. This name means determination.

Verdandi. This name means present destiny.

Wilma. This is a name meaning resolute protection.

Yrsa. This name means wild or she bear.

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