25 Extremely Dark Stories Most People Haven’t Heard About

There are some horror stories that never get the news coverage they deserve. But don’t worry, because a few Ask Reddit users have brought them to our attention. Get ready to get disgusted.

Unsplash, Sofia Sforza
Unsplash, Sofia Sforza

1. Peter Dupas

“Peter Dupas was a pretty fucked up guy. His ‘criminal signature’ was to remove women’s breasts. He raped a mother with the threat to kill her child, and he had no remorse for his crimes. He was let out of prison multiple times even though he kept re-offending.” — Rewben2

2. Elizabeth Bathroy

“The woman from the ‘Stay Alive’ movie actually existed and actually did torture people-mostly young girls. One of the things she did was open their mouths and pull their cheeks until they split. I can’t even imagine.” — daytimereader

3. William Melchert-Dinkel

“He would make suicide pacts with young teens and watch them die on web camera, backing out of the pact at the last minute so he could get his jollies over and over.” — EmperorWorm

4. The Lead Masks Case

“In 1966 in Brazil a boy flying a kite found two dead guys wearing lead masks. They wore raincoats and had a bottle of water with them, as well as notebook saying:

16:30 be at the agreed place

18:30 take capsules after effect metals wait for mask sign

The capsules could have been (and probably were) poison, but the bodies were incorrectly stored and became contaminated. All we know about the men was that they went into a shop and bought raincoats and the bottle of water at a shop and went straight to the hill. Nobody knows where they got the tablets or what they expected to happen. The case remains unsolved 47 years later.” — mattz0r98

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