25 Extremely Dark Stories Most People Haven’t Heard About

10. Dennis Nilsen

“Dennis Nilsen usually killed his victims (which were 20-30 year old men) and left their bodies lying around his home for a few days before dismembering them. One victim he killed and left his torso hanging in his bedroom.

Another time Dennis found a man stumbling outside, he took him inside and called an ambulance. The next day the man came back to thank Nilsen. Nilsen killed him.”  — [deleted]

11. Mary Bell

“Mary Bell. One of the youngest serial killers. She was just a kid, around ten if I recall correct. She killed other children. Went to the funerals and even psychologically harassed a mother of a victim. She carved her initials with scissors into a victim. Killed an toddler by leading it to a secluded area and crushing his skull.

Her mother let men rape Mary, also. Mary Bell has changed her name and is alive today I’m quite sure. Living a life and saying that’s nothing like who she is now.

Still creepy, for a small child.” — Hybriddecline

12. San Fernando Massacres

“I guess nobody else will tell of the San Fernando Massacres. I consider it to be the worst thing a person with a family could possibly endure.

Basically, the cartel abducted several busses full of people, forced the men to fight to the death, the winners were sent on suicide missions into rival cartel territory.

The women were beaten and raped then killed.

The children were also beaten and raped.

The infants were dissolved in acid, but not submerged, the sick fucks let the kids scream for a while.

‘Then they took away the children from their mothers, and shot the rest of the bus passengers. The women were taken to a warehouse where many other women were held captive. Inside a dark room, the women were reportedly raped and beaten, while the one heard the screams of the women and of the kids being put in acid.’

This wasn’t an isolated incident. It happened often enough that the bus line refused to go into San Fernando until the situation was resolved.”  — jekrump

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