25 Extremely Dark Stories Most People Haven’t Heard About

5. Roch Thériault

“The story of Roch Thériault, a batshit insane cult leader from Canada. He physically and mentally tortured all the members of the cult, raped the women, performed surgeries on them, brutally punished everyone that didn’t do exactly as told and is responsible for the murder of an infant by leaving it out in the cold. I feel physically ill reading about that man.” — helgihermadur

6. Wesley Allen Dodd

“Child rapist and murderer. Once killed a kid, revived him, then killed him again. Seriously heinous. Hanged to death per his request.” — Alpha-Pig

7. Pyotr the Great

“Pyotr the Great, a Russian czar, found his wife having a love affair, so he cut off the man’s head and preserved it in a jar so that he could have his wife visit it daily. Bad Books has a song called Pyotr, and it’s a really upbeat but creepy and emotional sounding song” — Luckyhartzog

8. Albert Fish

“He was a serial killer in the 1900’s and would kill little girls, cook them and then eat eat them. He would then send letters to the parents of the victim explaining what he did to them.” — KittenShark

9. The Snowtown Murders

“Also known as the ‘Bodies-in-Barrels murders’ were a series of homicides that took place in South Australia between August 1992 and May 1999. The crimes were uncovered on 20 May 1999, when the remains of eight victims were found in barrels of acid in a rented former bank building. The building was littered with tools used by the killers to torture and murder their victims, including knives, a bloodstained saw, double barreled shotgun, coils of rope, rolls of tape, rubber gloves, cloths, and a variac metallurgy tool that the killers used to administer electric shocks to the genitals and other sensitive parts of the victim’s body.” — ShabbyBooh

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