25 Extremely Dark Stories Most People Haven’t Heard About

18. Sailors were trapped alive

“The fact that three sailors were trapped alive in the submarine wreckage of the USS West Virginia after the attack on Pearl Harbor. They survived for 16 days, kept a calendar, and constantly knocked on the ship’s hull in an effort to alert rescuers. However, they were also sitting on tons of sunken live ammunition, and there was no adequate technology to rescue them. Thus, those above ground simply had to listen to a haunting banging noise for 16 days. The story was only recently made public.” — goetterfunken

19. Operation Mincemeat

“The success of the WW2 Invasion of Italy rests on the fact that the British used the festering corpse of a homeless Welshman as a double agent.” — unwholesome

20. Unit 731

“Some of their experiments put the Nazis to shame. Vivisection without anesthesia. Cutting off a foot and putting it where the hand should be. Dipping limbs in liquid nitrogen and then smashing them. And it wasn’t just men. Women, children, and infants as well.

Oh, and they all were pardoned so that the US could gain the data from their experiments. What a wonderful world.” — El_Dubious_Mung

21. The Byford Dolphin diving bell incident

“An explosive decompression underwater kills 5 divers. From the Wiki:

‘Diver 4, being exposed to the highest pressure gradient, violently exploded due to the rapid and massive expansion of internal gases. All of his thoracic and abdominal organs, and even his thoracic spine were ejected, as were all of his limbs.

Simultaneously, his remains were expelled through the narrow trunk opening left by the jammed chamber door, less than 60 centimetres (24 in) in diameter. Fragments of his body were found scattered about the rig. One part was even found lying on the rig’s derrick, 10 metres (30 ft) directly above the chambers.'” — Phallic

22. The Baneheia murders in Norway

“A couple of years ago, the Baneheia murders in Norway. The public and media didn’t report on what really happened to the two underage girls. They were skinned. From between their legs to above the chest.

Because of this, the public does not know the danger when now the killers are ready (if not already) to be released after having served their sentences.” — Trobalodo

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