25 Extremely Dark Stories Most People Haven’t Heard About

16. Genie, the feral child

“I recommend watching the documentary on youtube. It’s haunting and freaky.

This girl was kept in isolation for the first 13 years of her life. When child services finally found her she had no speech and had the mental age of an 18 month old baby. I find the story to be terrifying and creepy as hell.” — BlizzyLizzie

17. The Bath School Disaster

“Most people think that Newtown or Virginia Tech was the worst incident of mass murder at a US school. They’re wrong.

Andrew Kehoe’s neighbors described him as a intelligent, but impatient man. More quietly they spoke of how he had beaten one of his horses to death in a fit of rage when it failed to meet his expectations. His reputation for thriftiness earned him the role of treasurer of the school board in Bath, Michigan, but the other members soon found him difficult to work with. By 1926, his wife became ill with chronic tuberculosis. The cost of her treatments had put a strain on the couple’s finances, but Kehoe blamed the school superintendent. Around the same time, he ran for the position of town clerk, which he had been temporarily filling, but was soundly defeated. He took this as a personal rejection by the people of Bath, and began to make strange remarks, telling a bus driver he was delivering a paycheck to “My boy, you want to take good care of that check as it is probably the last check you will ever get” or warning a teacher that if she “wanted a picnic she would better have it at once.”

On the morning May 18th, 1927, Kehoe set off firebombs that he had set across his property. He then packed his truck full of pyrotol (a repurposed WWI incendiary explosive) and dynamite, and drove into town, telling firefighters arriving at the scene “Boys, you’re my friends. You better get out of here. You better head down to the school”.

Fifteen minutes after classes began at the Bath Consolidated School, an alarm clock went off, detonating a stockpile of explosives that Kehoe had hidden there in the basement over the course of months, using his position as a school handyman. The initial blast killed thirty-eight people collapsed the entire north wing of the school, trapping more in the rubble.

A half an a hour later, as townspeople had flocked to the school to try and rescue students and teachers from the wreckage, Kehoe pulled up. When he saw the superintendent there, he waved him over, confessed to the bombing. Kehoe then said “I’ll take you with me,” and fired the rifle he was carrying into the back seat, detonating the explosives there, and killing seven more people including himself.

Investigators found several things when the examined his farm later. He had girdled all his trees to kill them, cut all his fences, and wired the legs of his horses together so he couldn’t be rescued from the fire. They found his wife, beaten to death. They found a sign with the words “Criminals are made, not born” stenciled on it and tied to the fence. And finally, the found unused farm equipment in his barn that, if he had sold it, would have relieved his financial burden.” — resurrection_man

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