26 Teachers Tell Awesome, Awkward Stories Of Students Having Crushes On Each Other

23. Aw, that’s so cute

Daycare teacher to kids 6-11 here.

It is probably one of the easiest things to pick up on. They try to play with the other, but they don’t openly admit to it. They spend a lot of time “near” the other, without ever actually talking to them. They sit at the same table, but try to talk to different friends. Basically, they spend as much time with the other as possible without actually becoming friends. If anything about crushes is mentioned, they immediately try to direct the conversation so people talk about them and their crush. And the second the two are mentioned together, the crusher blushes.

I have this 10-year-old that has a pretty obvious crush on me. I mean, I’m a teenage male who spends 20 hours a week with her, so it is entirely understandable. I should mention that I don’t encourage it or anything. I treat her like all the others. (Granted, she is one of the oldest, so she does have more responsibility and she is able to have deeper conversations.) But, she tries to make my life easy! She will help clean, cook and take care of the younger kids. She does it to impress me and I sincerely appreciate it. I will say again that it is completely normal. I had crushes on baby sitters — don’t we all. I feel kind of bad for her now, because she puts a lot into it, but I know she’ll smile looking back on it as an adult.

There is another kid who is… 6? (maybe 7 now) who has a crush on one of the 9-year-olds. I mean, they are not entirely on the same level mentally. First grade and 3rd grade are about as far apart as 3rd grade and 9th grade. Night and day. So it is kind of sad because he is chasing after her. She knows (I think) about the crush and it makes her a little uncomfortable but she is sweet about it.

24. Ah, young love

Spit, snowballs and anything else you can throw at a girl is pretty much concentrated preschool love.



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