26 Teachers Tell Awesome, Awkward Stories Of Students Having Crushes On Each Other

10. Okay, this is freaking adorable

My son, who is 5, has a crush on a 6-year-old at his school. She says she loves him too and she is around him all the time. He told me just yesterday that he wants to build a three bedroom house with a room for him, a room for her, and a room for the baby they are going to have. I asked if he did not want to share a bedroom with her and he said, “A boy needs his space.”

11. College students need to grow up

It is painfully obvious most of the time. I taught college for a bit.

Here are some of the things I saw:

  • Continuous glances at the same person
  • Body language that positions the person closer to the other person
  • Interjecting into a conversation that the person was not engaged in to begin with
  • “Being helpful” more so for a person than for anyone else in class
  • Flirting (obviously)
  • Boastful storytelling (a lot of times it is outlandish and very obviously untrue)
  • Hanging around the other person uninvited
  • And “checking out” the other person while oblivious to their surroundings

What is funny is that most people think they are being sneaky or inconspicuous. From my vantage point in the front of the classroom, these things seemed so obvious as to be genuinely painful to observe. It was especially painful when the feelings were intentionally unreciprocated.

12. “He doesn’t even go here!”

I work in a college and teach early morning classes to 17-24 year olds (mostly). It is painfully obvious who just did a walk of shame to class and occasionally who is fucking someone else in the room.

The most awkward thing that ever happened was some guy who came into the class and interrupted a lecture to hit on a girl in the front row. He wasn’t even a student, just some fucker who walked by our (open) campus and recognized the girl through the window as the girl who he saw at Jack in the Box a week earlier.

He comes in and just starts talking to her. I am in such shock that this guy just randomly walked in, I was speechless, and just stood there watching it. After about a minute I came to my senses and realized the situation. Here is this 40+ year old dude, tatted up with his pants hanging from his ass, reeking of booze and cigarettes at 9am, hitting on a very uncomfortable looking tiny blonde 18 year old. I tell him that this is my classroom and that I wouldn’t have him interrupting. He would have to go. He didn’t put up a fight, just asked when class was over so he could come back to “Mack him some.” I told him we were out at noon. We were really done by 10 and that was the last day of class. The day of the final, a week later, in a different room, I kept my eyes open, but he never showed. I asked the student but she only knew him from a single instance of standing in line in front of him at Jack in the Box.



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