26 Teachers Tell Awesome, Awkward Stories Of Students Having Crushes On Each Other

8. Totally nailed it

I have this one teacher that will totally just say anything that’s on her mind. One she just flat out said “Do you guys like each other or what?” to these two kids in my class. Within 3 days they were dating and still are.

9. She was crushin’ hard

I worked in a kindergarten for a brief period between high school and uni and there were a couple of little 5-year-old girls who just walked up to the boys they decided they liked and kissed them forcefully, informing them they were now their “husbands,” but the one that sticks to mind is the little 2-1/2-year-old from my group. She spoke only a little at the time, and didn’t bother much with learning the names of the grown ups to any extent, but shortly before I left, they hired a really young guy, about 19, as an assistant.

The girl sees him walking in to the ward for the first time and just freezes. She actually dropped her toy, and her eyes go round like saucers, her jaw dropping. It was both adorable and absolutely hilarious to watch. We introduced him and none of the kids were that fussed, but she just stood there, mouthing his name, whispering it to herself a few times to make sure she got it right.

He sat down on the play mat with her and she couldn’t take her eyes off him. She offered him a toy which he accepted gracefully, and I swear she lost her breath.

From then on, she loved him. She was quite shy to begin with, walking up to him at times, saying his name and then when she got his attention, she would giggle uncontrollably, blushing bright red and run away. If he took sick days or didn’t come in till late, she would get sort of depressed and not want to play much.

All the kids played favourites with the assistants, little boys have their crushes and so on, but this one was a little different. It was as if she had decided he was her soulmate. He was so kind to her, and the kind of relationship they had was never anything that made you think anything creepy, he just couldn’t bear to reject her. In the afternoons he’d read to the kids for as long as they were willing to sit still and listen, and she always made sure to be the one to sit on his lap or next to him to flip the pages.



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