26 Teachers Tell Awesome, Awkward Stories Of Students Having Crushes On Each Other

25. He NEVER even noticed

I teach English. I remember a star football player (senior) coming into the room to rap with me for a bit before third period started every Friday. In my third period a female student (junior) of mine who was extremely intelligent and very pretty (yet somewhat shy being an AP student and all) was sitting in the front row and always stared at him when he came in. He would talk about football and stuff with me and every so often I’d look back at her still staring right at him and smiling the entire time. She would not turn that smile off no matter who was looking or what anyone said. It was actually one of the cutest/saddest things I ever saw, seeing as how the guy never even turned around to notice her. If he did….who knows, maybe they would have hit it off. Maybe they did after they weren’t my students.

26. Best reference ever

A couple met in my HS chemistry class room, this was three years ago. He was a junior in HS, she was a sophomore. They told me last fall that when the date is set, I’ll be invited to the wedding. Best example of chemistry ever.



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