The ‘Grapefruit Technique’: What It Is, How To Do It, And Whether It’s Just Hilarious (Or Actually Brilliant)

The grapefruit technique is a special technique for giving blowjobs. The grapefruit technique will make your man feel like you’re blowing him and fucking him at the same time. The grapefruit technique is supposed to be so pleasurable, your partner could have a heart attack!

It seems like everyone on the internet has heard of the grapefruit method — but not everyone knows what it really is! For starters, yes, the grapefruit technique is a real sex tip and can actually (safely) be used. The hype all started with an unintentionally hilarious YouTube video in which a sex advice blogger named Miss Angel gave her best blow job tip of all:

Beginning around 2:40 in the video Miss Angel mimics oral sex on a large dildo. The noise she makes is what initially made most people laugh so much and want to share the video with their friends. It’s such a serious video for the topic that the noise is completely unexpected.

As the video went viral, people actually tried the grapefruit technique to varying degrees of success, which we’ll explore throughout this post. The technique became so popular that it was even shown (with disastrous results) in the Girls Trip movie.

How to perform the grapefruit technique

1. Get a grapefruit. Preferably a ruby red grapefruit. (Miss Angel says, “sweeter is easier”). A large navel orange can be substituted if a grapefruit is unavailable.

2. Get the fruit to room temperature. Do this by leaving it out of the fridge. DO NOT MICROWAVE IT.

3. Roll the grapefruit against a hard surface. Rolling it between your palm and a table top helps loosen the fruit and make it juicier.

4. Slice the sides off the grapefruit. These should be thin slices that get rid of both navels (the bumps on the outside of the fruit. You will be left with a thick “wheel” of grapefruit.

5. Cut a hole in the middle of your grapefruit. This should be about the size of your partner’s penis.

6. Blindfold your man. The previous steps should be done earlier in the day or away from him so he doesn’t see what you are doing. This is a surprise sensation for him to experience.

7. Begin a bj as normal. Get your partner erect so that you can begin using the grapefruit.

8. Place the grapefruit around his penis. Twist and move the grapefruit up and down while you suck on the tip.

That’s the grapefruit technique!

Does the grapefruit technique actually work? Grapefruit technique stories

“It felt good, but it wasn’t that great”

“I surprised my husband with this one night. He was laughing and laughing, until he started to make other kinds of happy sounds. Said it was a very weird experience knowing he was enjoying being pleasured by a citrus fruit. We agreed it was lots of fun, smelled great, and was so incredibly messy (all those little grapefruit bits everywhere, even with big towels) we would never ever do it again.”

“The noises weren’t as good as the video”

“I have received it. It was an orange not a grapefruit but there’s hardly any different in the texture I think. I wasn’t blind folded but it was good. I suggested it to my SO because i wanted her to enjoy it as much as possible as well, she wasn’t a massive cock sucker. Didn’t make the noises though which was disappointing.”

“It was weird”

“I tried this with the guy I am fucking. First of all – yes, juice everywhere. I mean everywhere. We put down a towel, but the bed still got wet. In addition to this, he also was not fond of the sensation of the juice dripping down between his butt cheeks. For me as the giver, it was sloppy, tasted weird (I hate grapefruit, haha) and completely silly. I could barely stop laughing. He said that it was too wet, too weird and too sloppy. The smell of citrus fruit was no plus either. Conclusion: fucking weird experience, but totally hilarious.”

“It’s VERY messy”

“I have him cut the grapefruit ends off and a hole in the middle – easy peasy, right?

Slip into my nightie and saucily tell him to lay on the bed while I get to work. Okay…this is messier than I thought it would be so I put my hair in a ponytail. I slide the grapefruit down his shaft while I begin to jerk him off with it twisting back and forth while sucking on the head.

Do you know what it was like? A God damned porno parody, that’s what. All I could think of is, “that lying bitch! This is nothing like the video!” Don’t get me wrong, it made the blowjob taste great but the juice began to leak and squirt everywhere.

It was running down my chin, soaked my nightie, all over my chest, running down to the floor, soaking through the towel onto his bed and as I later discovered through the sheets and into the mattress. Mind you I’m on my knees trying my best because damn it were going to be kinky on VDay and I’m twisting this damn grapefruit back and forth on his dick trying to make the best of it.

Everything is covered it grapefruit by now, the more I twist and pump the more it goes everywhere, everything’s sticky and scented, and I have no idea what I’m doing anymore. I awkwardly asked if he was enjoying it to which he said he was and that it felt good but nothing Earth shattering as Auntie Angel promised.”

“It really works!”

“So, after all my hemming and hawing, how did the grapefruit blowjob turn out? It went AMAZINGLY well. From the second I put that slice on there, my boyfriend could not get enough of this goddamned grapefruit. It turned a regular, Wednesday night, let’s-get-this-boner-going-so-we-can-bang-before-my-Ambien-kicks-in blowjob into a weird, wild, wet blowjob, with grapefruit juice running everywhere and my boyfriend bucking wildly. When my mouth got tired and I needed to take a break for a second, he eagerly requested that I keep the grapefruit going as part of a hand job. I thought back on all my years reading Pinterest, and realized that this was truly the first time any craft project I had found on the Internet had actually worked out.”

Would you give (or receive) a grapefruit blowjob?

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