Why A Growing Number Of People Are Creeped Out By The Denver Airport

An airport is kind of the last place I’d expect something creepy to happy. Typically they are large and filled with tons of people and I’m usually not afraid when I’m surrounded by people. HOWEVER, Denver International Airport is the hub of some bizarre conspiracy theories that have been growing in popularity:

1. The runways are laid out in a shape similar to a swastika. The rumor is that members of the illuminati were prominent in the team building the airport, and there are symbols of the new world order hidden throughout the construction. This runway formation is NOT typical.

That seems like it was avoidable, right?

2. In the baggage claim area, some of the murals painted on the walls have symbols that can be interpreted as supporting or depicting a “new world order”. Seriously though, what is supposed to be happening here?

Eric Golub

Like, is this really necessary??

Mark Frauenfelder

2. This is a really weird poem. It seems to suggest people will be better off if they shut their eyes and pretend they don’t see what’s happening around them:

Maxim B.

3. There are freemason symbols found throughout the building.

K W Reinsch

4. There’s also this creepy horse statue:

Eric Golub

5. Locals refer to this statue as “Bluecifer” and the artist who made it was killed when a piece of it fell on him.

6. There is a monument inside the airport dedicated to the “New World Airport Commission” which isn’t actually a thing. At least, a thing that the public knows about.


7. DIA is twice as large as the next biggest airport in the US. It sits on 35,000 acres. What is all that extra land being used for????

8. There’s a labyrinth of tunnels underneath the airport for (???) reasons. The airport was opened 16 months later than expected, and no one has ever explained why. A worker who was doing construction on the buildings claims that the real reason is that the workers were asked to construct five stories below the airport we see.

9. More creepy/symbolic art. Here’s a devil emerging from someone’s suitcase.


Is that supposed to be soothing airport art?? Something else is going on here and I’m going to need someone to fly me to Denver so I can investigate. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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