27 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries That Will Freak You Out Tonight

There’s a lot of unsolved mysteries, but only a few can chill you to the bone. Here are a collection of the heebie jeebiest unsolved mysteries c/o our friends at reddit.



“Michele Miscavige, she is the wife of the leader of scientology David Miscavige. She went missing in 2007 and hasn’t been seen in public since. There is a lot of speculation that she may be dead or held captive at one of their compounds.” — Operator4009


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“In France we have the Grégory Affair.

A mother goes get her 4 years-old boy at the childminder, once at home lets him play in the front yard while she does some laundry. 15 minutes later the boy is missing. Someone calls the boy’s uncle and tells him “I have taken the boy” and says he lies dead in the river. The boy is found dead hands and feet tied at the bottom of the river nearby.

The whole investigation is a total clusterfuck during which various members of the family are accused at some point, culminating with the boy’s father killing one accused member of the family with a shotgun. The case was reopened last year because of additional information, then the man who was the judge at the time committed suicide.

We still don’t know who did it.” — NAN001


Marc Calhoun

“The disappearance of the Eilean Mor lighthouse keepers.

The scene found by the people that went to check why there was no response was quite standard yet slightly off. 2 of the 3 water proof jackets were missing and in the kitchen they found pretty much everything normal except that one chair laying on the floor and there was still a meal on a table, suggesting that maybe they left in a hurry. The lightkeepers were nowhere.

The only clues that were gathered came from the lighthouse’s log. The entries the last few days there were written were weird:

severe winds the likes of which I have never seen before in twenty years. The log attendant, Thomas Marshall, wrote also noticed that James Ducat, the Principal Keeper, had been ‘very quiet’ and that the third assistant, William McArthur, had been crying. What is strange about the last thing is that William McArthur was a seasoned mariner, and was known on the Scottish mainland as a tough guy. Storms shouldn’t have been a big deal.

Entries the day later stated that the storm was still raging even worse that before, and that the lighthouse keepers had been praying for it to stop. Btw the lighthouse that was 150 feet above sea level, and not only they should have been perfectly safe but they should have known that. They were very experienced.

The thing is that no storms were reported in the whole area in any of the days close to the entries. The weather was calm.

The final log entry was made the day after. It said ‘Storm ended, sea calm. God is over all’.” — BioregenerativeLamp


“This case: http://fresnopeoplesmedia.com/2016/01/2829/

A man predicts the police will kill him and posts proof of surveillance vans outside his home. He’s then found dead in his burning home, having died of stab wounds. It’s considered a “suicide”. And there was no media attention.

Edit: I guess this isn’t really an “unsolved mystery”, but it’s definitely mysterious.” — -ratking-


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Susan Powells case always gives me the heebie jeebies but mostly cause it happened so close to where I live.

Basically, in 2009 Susan Powell went missing. It’s noticed that she, her husband, and her two sons are missing the next day when no one shows up to work/daycare. Family starts trying to contact them to no avail. Finally a sister gets ahold of the husband, Josh. He said he went on a spontaneous camping trip with the kids. On a school night. In November. And now he didn’t know where Susan was.

There’s a lot of shady details. A fan drying a wet spot in his house. Some blood found in his house. He and his family tried to say Susan was having an affair, she ran away with her suitor. The kids say they had seen mommy in a trunk. Susans friends say she had become afraid. A journal of hers they found said she had moved to Utah from Washington because Josh’s dad scared her. She had told friends that Josh and his dad wanted to “share” Susan. Authorities later found hundreds of photo’s on Josh’s dads computer of Susan that she didn’t know were being taken.

I know what you are thinking; Josh killer her. Or his dad did. It seems clear cut. But because of some flubs in the initial investigation, despite all the suspicions, no one could get any real evidence. And more importantly; no one ever found Susan. Or her body. The case stagnated.

A few years later, Josh’s dad was arrested for having child pornography on his computer.

In 2012, after Josh had moved back to Washington, he exploded his house during a supervised visit with his sons. Investigation of the remains showed that Josh had locked himself in the house with the boys, hacked them up with an axe, before they all expired from smoke inhalation.

The next year, Josh’s brother also committed suicide.

And now, Josh’s dad, who many believe knows exactly where Susan’s body is, if he wasn’t involved with her murder himself, is out of prison and walking this world.

It’s been nearly 8 years since her disappearance. And still we are no closer to finding her body. This case haunts me because all signs point to Susan, a victim of abuse, murdered by her husband who would later go on to kill their children and himself. But we have no solid proof, and no body.” — IrisIncarnate


“For many decades there was only one hospital in the area I grew up, their closest competition about a half-hour drive away. For about 20 years they’ve had a reputation for screw-ups and questionable patient deaths. Both as a patient and being there for family members, I’ve had multiple experiences that made me agree with that reputation.

Several years ago there was a big to-do, as someone was murdered there. Their killer got past security after visiting hours, bypassed all medical staff, and then suffocated their victim with a pillow. The body was found with the pillow still over the victim’s face, a fact the police reported in an interview on the case.

Time passes, and new reports come up that the victim was strangled with cords in their hospital room, then the pillow was placed over the face.

A few days after that there’s a new report. There was no murder, it was an accident….where the bedridden victim somehow found the strength to get up, gather the cords in the room, then pull them tight enough to choke themselves to death…..and now there was no mention of the pillow the police noted as being there.

The media dropped the story immediately after that last report, with no questioning about the changes in the report. On top of that, if you try and search online the local TV stations seem to have totally scrubbed their old reports, except for one, which has the accident version of the story and nothing else.

About 20 years before this I got to witness a similar change in the facts regarding the reports of a fellow who died, because it looked bad for his employer that his death was because he did something stupid while looting. I honestly think the hospital used its clout to force the local media to bury their original reports and go with the accident theory, so as not to get a worse reputation. I really feel like someone got away with murder in part due to them wanting to protect the brand image.” — AsexualNinja


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Asha Degree

“Nine year old girl packs a backpack and leaves her home between midnight and five am during a storm. several motorists see her along a highway. There is evidence of her in a near by barn, her backpack is found over a year later wrapped in plastic buried at a construction site. She’s never been found.” — ohhsweetgirl


Philadelphia Police Dept.

“Is anyone else familiar with “The Boy In The Box?” He was a 7-year old kid (about) who was found by a peeping tom in the 1950s. He was a dead boy in a cardboard box. The police never identified him, never found who killed him. I saw that story on America’s Most Wanted as a kid and it has haunted me ever since.

To make matters worse, I knew a kid who looked like the boy in the box, and I would have nightmares of him/them attacking me.” — 42Cobras

Philadelphia Police Department


“In my college’s town, there was a freshmen a few years ago who went missing. He was found beaten to death in an industrial park. The last time his friends saw him, they were all party hopping. His last tweet was something like “someone pick us up we’re gonna die”.

No one has come forward, no leads have been found.

Here’s an article with the timeline.” — Girtzie


“A guy I knew was found dead in his apartment.

The police said he was attacked and had been murdered.

A few weeks later they say it was an error, and it was suicide.

He was dating this girl, who was the daughter of the sheriff the next county over.

They argued a lot and she would tell him things like, “if you died no one would know who killed you” and other creepy stuff to scare him. She was a psychopath, and apparently would hit her previous ex boyfriends(and possibly even him, he never would tell us though)

He was not suicidal, and he died just a few days after breaking up with her after a big argument.

I spoke to the police about him and his girlfriend’s behavior, and they told me nothing could be done since the case was closed.” — PM_ME_FOR_SMALLTALK


Australian police

“Tamam Shud, or Somerton man. Just really bizarre and creepy, it’s got an x-files vibe to it.

TLDR; Well dressed, athletic guy is found dead leaning against a seawall on an Australian beach. No cause of death is discovered despite autopsy. No ID, no labels on any of his clothes, nothing to identify him, but a scrap of printed paper saying “Taman Shud” found in his pocket. No one is reported missing. Later a briefcase is found in a locker at a train station attributed to him, with a few clothes marked T. Keane – no one named that is found missing. When the info about the note is released, one of the locals finds an odd book in the backseat of his car in the area that the man died in. The piece of paper matches the torn out bit in the book. In the book there is a very odd Cipher that no one has been able decode since and a phone number. Blood pooling in the body suggest he didn’t die with his head propped against the wall as he was found. Half smoked cigarette found fallen out of his mouth, but if he died in a different position, would be a little odd. Body was embalmed and put on display for 6 months, and received a lot of attention, but no one can remember having seen him. No family or anyone knowing him have ever been found. Tamam Shud roughly means ;the end times'” — The-Sound_of-Silence

Australian police


“When I was younger I lived with my mother in the countryside. We were the only two people ever in the house and one night, after watching tv with me, she went into the kitchen to find two butchered rabbits laid out on the floor with all of the body parts carefully placed in the correct places.

Someone must have sneaked in through the back door while we were watching tv and placed them there without making a sound. I remember we stayed at my grans house for about a week after that and we never found out how or why it happened.” — MaxxPowerss


“When I was growing up, my yard was about two acres large, completely flat and treeless with the house in the middle. one night it snowed overnight, and i went out into the yard the next morning. The freshly fallen snow was pristine, except for one single very large hoof print in the middle of the yard. not even part of a pair, just a single large hoof print. I never understood how it got there.” — larrieuxa


Stephen Missal

“Isdalskvinnen and kambomannen; two murder cases in Norway that happened around the seventies, where they found the victims burned/bruised far into the wilderness. All brand tags were removed from their clothing and there was no way to identify the bodies. Noone matching their outlook was ever reported missing, and upon further police investigations it was believed that they were spies during the Cold War. Both cases gets weirder, the more you study them, and Norwegian police officials are still, to this day, asking for tips that could help identify the victims.” — Er1k000


The American Dylatov Pass. Five men coming home from a basketball game one night never arrive, and are found months later, hugely off course in the wilderness with no rhyme or reason to what happened to them or how they even ended up where they were.” — 7deadlycinderella


“I was sitting on a picnic table in our apartment complex courtyard one night with some neighbors. We were drinking and one fellow, Scott, had a bit too much and fell asleep. It was a mild night and we were all in our early 20s so we thought nothing of leaving him out there as we went back to our apartments. His place was no more than fifteen feet away from where he slumbered in a well lit area.

In the morning I saw that the table was empty so I went over and knocked on my neighbor’s door, check on Scott’s hangover. Thing is, his roommates say he never came home. I’m mildly concerned but, once again, we’re all young and don’t worry too much. Around noon he comes staggering across the courtyard in his boxers and nothing else. We left him fully clothed. He explains that he just woke up in a sparsely furnished apartment across the complex. His only memory of the last night is someone waking him up and walking him to the unknown location, where this shadowy person crawled in the window and then let him in the front door. Everyone is busy making jokes but this is gnawing at me so I demand that we go explore.

When we get to the apartment, the door is unlocked. After knocking for a few minutes we walk in. There are condiments in the fridge but no real food. There’s a poster on the wall for the band 311 and a few folding chairs but no furniture or TV. The bathroom is similar, with a half squeezed tube of toothpaste but no shower curtain or bathmat. Curiouser and curiouser. Finally, the bedroom, which had no bed but did have a ROW OF DOLLS against the wall. There’s also a pillow and blanket on the floor and Scott’s clothes neatly folded at the foot of this makeshift cot. We grabbed his clothes (he had declined to join us, preferring to simply point out the apartment and return to his place) and get out of there. Scott is adamant that the clothes were not there when he woke up, which I believe. Sure, he was terribly hungover but not so much though that he wasn’t aware of his surroundings and he would have had to literally step over these clothes to leave the room.

Nobody else seemed to care about this event. My roommates, his roommates and even Scott himself just seemed content to drop this but it’s been over fifteen years and it still gnaws at me. No money was taken, he didn’t have a cell phone to begin with, he said he had no memory of the person but assumes it was a male since they basically carried him to that apartment. Why?!? If you’re concerned about the drunk boy in the courtyard, why take him to a random apartment? Did that person live there? If so, why did they crawl in the window? Scott said he had to unlock the bolt when he left so I guess that person also left through the window but why? Why take his clothes off and where were they when he woke up? I asked him to smell his clothes to see if they’d been washed but he never got back to me on that. He basically waved it off as a weird night. I will never solve this mystery. It haunts me.” — irritabletom


“There may be a serial killer currently targeting young men in their early 20s in the Boston area. They go missing after a night drinking and end up in the Charles with a puncture wound from a needle. The police haven’t release any other details and this has been going on for years.

Here is the link to the news article mentioning the bodies.

As to the needle mark, I’m currently going to school in the Boston area for criminal justice and a lot of my professors are Boston police/ prosecutors and they often hint at foul play and one time in class a Boston police officer slipped the mention of a needle mark in most cases. I know thats not the most reliable source of info but thats all I got. He also mentioned the police are keeping most of the details from these cases from the public so they don’t start a panic and that it wont interfere with their investigation.” — mmmclams


“Lars Mittank. People disappearing isn’t that weird, but whatever compelled his guy to sprint out of an airport terminal, over a barbed wire fence, and into the woods to never be seen (no credible sightings even) again is spooky. No history of mental illness.” — Jwkdude


“Me and a friend were exploring in a national park close to where we live. We came across this really strange section of trees that was so dense you couldn’t see the sky and the branches all seemed tangled together to create a sort of natural ceiling. We went in at about 2pm. Somewhere inside this strange area we came across an old burial ground with a plaque that talked about the natives who were killed by disease and buried here. We stuck around for maybe 30 minutes max and left. When we got out of the strange thicket of trees it was pitch black outside. And this is in northern Canada where it doesn’t get dark for a very long time in the summer. We ran back to our car and checked the time and it was 1:20 in the morning. We had lots of missed calls from worried family but to this day no one believes us.” — thenextO


“Audrey Mestre, she was a free diver attempting to break a world record. She died in the process and many believe her husband had something to do with it.” — acer3680


“The disappearance of Frederick Valentich, an Australian pilot who was flying from Melbourne who disappeared without a trace. He reported that a giant metal circular object was hovering above his plane and Air Traffic Control told him there was no other traffic on that route. Radio cuts out after a loud metal screeching sound and he was never seen again.

The Australian government scrapped the documents of the event & the radio recording after it was accidentally aired on public radio, they told Frederick’s father that they will allow him to see his son’s body on the basis that he never tells anyone about what happened, and the media made up a fake story that the guy was obsessed with aliens thus taking away his credibility for what he reported.” — yourkberley


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“The Devil’s Footprints

All over England one snowy morning, hundreds of miles of hoof prints appeared in the snow. What was unusual was not only how far and wide the reports were, but where the prints went – across open fields and over rooftops, taking a straight path through everything where it would be impossible for an animal to make them.

Still hasn’t been completely explained.” — tuento


“Unsolved Mysteries. One of the featured cases was the Blind River rest stop murders. The only part I added was some of the dialogue, since it’s almost impossible to find an account of the thing. The setting is Canada, beginning of Summer 1991. Gord and Jackie McAllister park their RV at the Blind River rest stop, just outside of Blind River, Ontario, Canada. They’re the only vehicle there.

Around 1 AM, the 62 year old Gord McAllister, and his wife, Jackie are woken up in the middle of the night. The sound of banging on the outside door. They’re the only RV parked at the rest stop on the side of a forested highway. Desolate. Isolated. In the middle of fucking nowhere. “POLICE, OPEN UP!” the voice yells, banging on the trailer door relentlessly.


The two look to each other and cautiously agree to open the door, to see what is happening. Something unsettling fell upon the RV cabin, why was there no other cars in the parking area? The pounding only grows louder as the 59-year-old Jackie McAllister inches closer to the door. She unlocks the latch and opens the door for the officer.

Only it wasn’t…

The man barged in pushing Jackie out of the way, a huge, lumbering figure. His hair was long and bleached to a platinum blonde, almost white. A sinister grin appeared on his face and his eyes burned right into Gord and Jackie’s, staring with evil intent. He pointed the shotgun in their direction, on his back a large hunting rifle.

“Empty out your wallets and personal belongings. Give me all your cash. I’m gonna rob ya. And then I’m gonna kill ya.”

He locked eyes on Jackie, the shotgun pointed at them as she screamed frantically. His mouth sharpened to a wide grin as his eyes never blinked. Jackie was the first to move. They complied. She reached into her purse.

“Alright!” Gord said, “Just don’t hurt us!”

As Jackie reached into her purse looking for cash, the man with no hesitation clinched his finger on the trigger unleashing a shotgun spread right into Mrs. McAllister. Her body tore apart, soaking the RV interior with blood. Her husband recoiled in horror. The man’s grin widened. Unflinching from the mayhem he created as he aimed for Gord. It was clear he didn’t care about the valuables. It was clear he wanted someone to die tonight. The shotgun panned across the room to Gord. McAllister leapt for the window, the madman pulled the trigger again as Gord broke through the window.

Gord hit the ground in the confusion, adrenaline pumping through his body. What the fuck had happened? Gord scrambled, pulling himself underneath the RV. The man stepped out the door, his boots racing down the metal stairs to the ground. He quickly walked over to the broken window and looked around, pointing the shotgun around as he tried to see where his target had run off to.

There under the RV, Gord kept as silent as he could. But he realized something as the burning sensation caught him while he laid there. It was a pain like no other as it only amplified. And in that instant, Gord knew he was hit. The blood seeping from his body into the ground. And before him, just outside, the man – standing. His boots no more than a 2 feet from Gord’s face.

He knew he couldn’t run, he wouldn’t make it.

He knew he couldn’t fight back, not now in his condition.

He knew he had to be as quiet as he could or else he’d be dead.

His mind raced thinking about Jackie. Everything was happening so fast.

The killer slowly turned and faced the RV, looking for a sign. Something had caught his attention.

Gord recoiled, his eyes widening as he saw the man turn to face his direction.

Was this it?

Suddenly a bright light shone on the RV. Gord peered as another vehicle rolled up to the Blind River rest stop.

The killer turned around slowly as the brakes made a distinctive squeal, while the car transmission turned to park with a heavy thud.

Out stepped a young man, 29 year old Bryan Major.

“Uhhh, everything going alright there?” Bryan asked to the RV and the tall man with the long blonde, stringy hair.

The man said nothing and turned to Bryan. His eyes staring down at the interloper.

Bryan couldn’t quite see what the man was holding.

“Are you alri-?” Bryan asked, before realizing the man was walking towards him.

The man held his gaze on Bryan as his steps picked up speed. Bryan stepped backwards, the threat of immediate danger overcoming him. The man picked up the pace, walking with clear intent towards Bryan Major. From under the motor home, Gord watches the scene play out. Bryan gets in his car, his fingers fiddling for the keys, he looks away from the approaching man as he makes sure the keys line up in the keyhole. The key lined in with the tumblers, Bryan twisted it as fast as he could, turning over the engine and starting his car. Instinctively, his hand darted to the gear shift rapid shifting it down into drive. His foot slammed onto the gas pedal. He was getting the fuck out of there. And as his foot tapped the gas, the shotgun fired once more – the man had caught up. He sent one blast straight through the glass with his 20 gauge shotgun, killing Bryan instantly.

Gord’s hope dropped immediately as he heard the horn play. Bryan slumping into it. The car not even leaving the parking lot. The horn was an insurmountable force – a constant. Gord closed his eyes as the killer inspected Bryan’s car.

Gord’s heart was racing. He knew. It was over. He knew he was next.

His eyes slowly opened, giving into the fear.

He couldn’t see the killer.

And like that he was once again alone.

Gord hoped deep down that the man was gone. That he’d keep running. Carefully he pulled himself from under the RV. He came to his feet and raced back into the motor home. Gordy quickly started the RV and drove out of the Blind River rest area as fast as he could. He just wanted to put as much distance between him and the killer as he could. Gordy drove it out to the highway and flagged a trucker for help.

Asides from Gord there was another witness.

Shortly after 1 AM, another car began approaching the Blind River rest stop area. It drove on the highway, as a man noticed a large Blue Van emerge from the empty Blind River rest stop. It was off in a hurry, the man noted as he drove. And suddenly, the Blue Van swerved and began heading straight for his car – attempting a head on collision. The man managed to swerve quickly, dodging the Blue Van and getting out of the way. He regained control and sped away from the Blue Van as the van sped off towards Sudbury, Ontario – escaping into the black.

The case has never been solved.

In February 2012, Gord McAlister passed away.” — Jay_Eye_MBOTH_WHY


“My aunt, who was also my Godmother, disappeared while running in broad daylight 32 years ago. Never found a trace of her, except her car left at the running trail.” — travelersanonymous


“Drove to a party with a friend, parked halfway down a street and came back at about 4 that morning to find that a sunday market was being set up where our car was supposed to be.

We found the car neatly parked in a separate row of parking spaces a good 20 metres away, still locked and everything. Neither of us has a clue what happened but nobody believes us.” — KoopaKrazy85


“Delphi murders without a doubt. We aren’t any closer to arresting the murderer now then we were back in February when it happened. I get freaked out every time I’m on a hiking trail and come across young teenagers out by themselves knowing that the killer is still out there somewhere. As a parent myself, I don’t understand how another parent can let their children go out traipsing through the woods by themselves when two little girls were killed less than 45 minutes away just weeks before.” — imnotacrazyperson


Detached human feet washing ashore on a Canadian beach over a period of several years.” — tinkrman Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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