50 People On ‘The Creepy Story I Could Never Fully Explain’



I was at my friends house one night and it was just the two of us. We were outside in the dead of night about 1am smoking a cig and just talking on his porch. During a brief moment where our conversation went silent ..we both heard a very low volumed voice that sounded muffled ..and said ..”Hello” ..we were like..”DID YOU HEAR THAT?” still can’t explain to this day what that was.



When I was in high school I had a dream the star football player was running through a field an was shot in the back with a shotgun. I had his brother in my history class and told him about the dream, we laughed. A couple days later I get to school, everyones crying. I find out the dude I had the dream about was shot by his father-in-law with a shotgun while his back was turn. So creepy.



When I was in 3rd grade my teacher found a cocoon and brought to class and put it in a glass tank so we could hopefully see it hatch. After recess one day I was sitting at my desk. I had my hands under my desk with my elbows on my knees and my hands were cupped together. All of a sudden I felt something kinda wet in my hands then it started to move which made me jump back and started waiving my hands around like they were on fire. The damn butterfly was laying there under my desk and somehow got from the cocoon in the aquarium into my hands under my desk without anyone noticing.



My mum and aunt were putting away glasses in the top cupboard, when they were around 15. My mum pushed a glass right to the back and turned around, only to hear the glass being dragged back through the cupboard. It came right over the edge and fell to the floor in slow motion, then hovered over the floor. The glass shattered before it hit the ground.



I listened to a segment of This American Life where a family described, in detail, a classic american haunting. Sobbing in closed rooms, weird sensations on the skin, breeze where there’s no explanation…and it was all due to carbon monoxide poisoining. So as much as I know there’s weird shit out there, please have your house checked.


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