50 People On ‘The Creepy Story I Could Never Fully Explain’



My sister who was about 13 or 14 at the time was into doing wiccan stuff i guess. whatever it is little goth girls were into back in the 90s. And she was having an argument with another girl at school. She said to her and I quote “I can do anything I want to you, I could even kill Princess Diana” This was the day before she died. She cried about it for weeks.



I was at my fathers house (About 5:30 PM) by myself installing some programs onto his laptop for him. And I swear I just blinked and I was sitting on his couch at 10:30 PM watching a Die Hard movie with my Dad next to me. I have no idea what happened in those hours and my Dad though I was joking.

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One time, I was cleaning my room and no music or TV or anything electronic was on. I leaned over to tuck in the sheets on my bed and to my right I could suddenly hear a little boy singing and a train going by. I live nowhere near a railroad and to my right was just a wall. I only heard it for about 10 seconds then it faded away really quickly. I’m still really confused about what I heard.



My bed feels like it sucking me in. Literally. I feel like my muscles are being pulled into the matress, or atleast the matress is pulsing. Yeah, pulsing. The bed feels like it’s pulsing all around my body. I can also hear faint whispers. I don’t know what that is about, but it happens a lot.



I was once sitting on my computer, home alone. Behind me on the wall was an old candle holder with a glass vase type thing around it. I felt scared for some reason. I then heard this glass vase start shaking behind me. It sounded like a train was passing by, keep in mind I like in the middle of wisconsin nowhere near a train. I look behind me, and see the vase vibrating/shaking. It flies off the wall and rolls to the wall on the other side of the room. The way this thing moved was unnatural. I still have no idea what happened.


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