50 People On ‘The Creepy Story I Could Never Fully Explain’



I live in a 150 year old house with my wife and 5 small boys. My youngest three boys, one in particular, would have conversations and interact with things nobody else saw. As they grew older they stopped but this wasnt imaginary friend type stuff. One boy, when he was a baby, would look past you when you held him and just laugh and giggle. It has creeped my wife out but I just tell her ” if its some weird ghost shit they must dig us because they dont bother us” I dont really beleive in most paranormal stuff so I figure just keep a good vibe and it’s all good.



My friend and I had just gotten out of a dinner show late at night and had gotten into my car. We were parked right next to a very large and dense wood. As I began to back up, I heard a yell from behind and slammed my foot on the brakes. A middle-aged man comes around the side and walks past my window, laughing at his scare. I thought he would turn in front of us and walk to the car on our right, but he didn’t. He just kept walking directly into the woods.

He was dressed in regular, clean clothes and didn’t seem to be homeless. There was no path that he took into the woods and nothing discernible on the other side.



My friend Meg who lives about 1500 miles away had been been trying to get pregnant for years with no luck. One random Sunday out of the blue I hear something in my brain say ‘Meg is pregnant’. Next morning I called her and before she could say anything more than hi I said “you’re pregnant, aren’t you?” – something I’d NEVER say to her given her years of trying. I was right.



About a year ago, my brother and I were reading an article on the internet at around 1am. Parents are asleep in their bedroom, which is right next to mine. All of a sudden we hear the loudest, most blood-curdling scream coming from outside. No joke, this scream filled me with instant, unfathomable dread. My parent’s bedroom door shook violently as if it was just slammed shut. This of course causes my parents to jolt awake in a panic. We all run over to the window near the source of the scream and we see a woman with long hair and a white dress slowly walking up the street, crying and occasionally letting out a loud scream. My dad rushes outside and asks her what’s wrong/if she needs help, but she just kept walking. Dad decides to call the police anyways. When they arrive a few minutes later they find no sign of the woman. Also, I recently heard the same scream at around the same time of night, although it didn’t wake up my parents this time and I was too scared to look out that window. Still not sure what I was witnessing!


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