50 People On ‘The Creepy Story I Could Never Fully Explain’



My mother and baby sister died about a month and a half ago in a tragic accident. They were found missing (we guess) about a day after they died. The day before I got the call that they were missing, I was having serious problems breathing – my chest felt extremely compressed. My older brother also had gotten pinched nerves out of nowhere around the same time, and was in some pretty serious pain. Both of our pains were alleviated the next day, and I got the call midday. It was extremely weird, and definitely not something I’d want to experience again.



When my grandma’s grandmother was in the normal, she had serious dementia and Alzheimer’s and hadn’t spoken to anyone in years. When my grandmother was visiting her one day, she all of a sudden jolted up and looked at my grandmother. She then told her that “it’s okay that Jim (my grandmother’s husband) is going to die. You’re going to meet a great guy with dark hair who will take care of you and the kids.” At this point, my grandfather was still healthy. He died of a heart attack two weeks later. My grandmother then met a black haired man named Bud, who she ended up marrying shortly later. My grandmother’s grandmother didn’t even know the first husband. And she never spoke to another person. Explanation?



I had a similar experience. I got up to go to the bathroom one night and as I got near the door it opened on its own and this dark child-like figure was standing there looking at me. I thought it was my little sister so I whispered her name but the thing just stood there staring. I reached up to turn on the lights and the figure melted.



I got asked to help film a documentary about bigfoot last year in California based on a guy who claims to have shot one. We set up a polygraph test and he passed. Then we went up to the site and camped there. The first night a 9 foot tall figure walked up behind where I was sitting and stood there in the shadows about 30 yards away. When I went to the tent to wake up the others, trying not to shit my pants from fear, it took off through the trees. Sounded like Tree Beard from Lord of the Rings as it ran off. We ran after it with a camera but it was long gone. Next day we found 60 tracks that circled our camp and cast one with plaster. Two weeks later the group filmed thermal footage of three upright figures circling camp. The documentary is supposed to come out in about a month I think. I have all the uncut behind the scenes footage sitting on my hard drive. The experience stretched my reality a lot.



When I was 14 I took the garbage out after dark.. it was 7:30pm.. I had literally just checked the clock before I went outside and when I got back inside it was 10pm. I lost 2.5 hours without noticing it and have no idea what happened.


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