50 People On ‘The Creepy Story I Could Never Fully Explain’



For a whole year my mother saw a tall figure in a dark coat wherever she went. I thought she was joking about it until I saw the person myself. It looked like a man, clean shaven and short hair. But I only saw the man once.



About a week after my grandmother died, I was walking down the hallway in my house. All of a sudden I could smell the muscle rub that my grandma always used to use.

It lingered for days. We didn’t have anything that smelled like that in the house.



When I was about 8, I woke up one morning and went to stand up. I immediately fell down. There was sensation in my legs, but my muscles just didn’t work. I had to crawl around the house for 2 weeks. The doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me so they just gave me some shot and I was better in two days. Still don’t know what happened



I was driving on GA route 19 approaching my exit. Exit 19. At exactly 7:39 Elton John’s “Somebody saved my life tonight” came on my radio as I took my exit.

When I arrived home, my phone rang. It was my wifes aunt, calling to inform us that my father in law had passed away in an auto accident. He had been the one to turn me on to The Dark Tower.



I was heading to my friends house for a BBQ. He lives in a gated community and you have to have the gate code to get in. My wife was supposed to get it from the email invite. She had forgotten to get it. I had read the email a few days earlier and had sort of glanced at the code. So I did it from my unsure memory. 426850. Gate opened, we park and go in. We chat with the host a bit but every few minutes my friend is answering call and texts and deflecting his girlfriends looks.

I ask what’s up. She says he messed up and put the wrong code in the email.



While I was on active duty, I was stationed in DC. I was still talking to a girl that I’d gone to high school with, who still lived back in Colorado. Being that I lived off post, I always got up really early so I could beat the traffic on 395; this meant I was typically in bed by 9:30 EST. This one night, I went to bed like normal, but I woke up out of a dead sleep at about 11:45. I immediately reached over, grabbed my phone, and called her. She answered, and the first thing I say is, “whats wrong?” She’d been really depressed and was on the verge of killing herself when I’d called.

No idea what made me wake up, and call her, or how I knew something was wrong. But I kept her from hurting herself that night. She’s now married and quite happy.


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